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  1. Always a plus in my book. How much did it cost you? Your stang looks good. I think your stang might be the anti-christ because I see 666 on it :eek:
  2. This car isn't bad

  3. they shoulndt open no where NEAR as far as a regular door..and you wont find them for much cheaper then a grand..its amazing how little hardware is involved yet costs SO much...and yea, id for sure get them if i had the cash, but 1000+ plus is alot of money for some hinges and bolts
  4. oh yea..i love those deloreans doors, im sure they dont make kits for that do they? for that, you would have to fab something across the top of the windo to connect to the roof, because with the door not actually attached to the roof what i mean is not having a top to the door like most cars, the door couldnt fold up like the delorian does..but if they make a kit, someone let me know, i love those doors
  5. Your right it doesn't look bad. I think that it looks better on the mustang than other cars because it doesn't have that trim surrounding the door. I've seen hummers with lambo and they look like shyt. I mean this doesn't work. [​IMG]
  6. That hummer is godawful!