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    Now through Sunday, February 6th, 2011: Online, phone and showroom orders receive a 10% discount. Use the Coupon Code "BIGGAME" or give us a call to receive this offer. Prices in red reflect the 10% discount. If there is not a price in red, that part is not included in the sale. Orders over $300 will receive an additional 5% discount. The additional 5% off will show up in your shopping cart and at checkout. Total combined discount is 10% Off sale items and an additional 5% off that sale price. May not be combined with any other offers. Other exclusions may apply.

    Ford Mustang Parts Sale - CJ Pony Parts
  2. Ok I have my Stedda CAI on order! Now lets talk tuner for my birthday coming up!!!
  3. K I will be the first to say it. 15% is not ****in huge savings. Its more like "we take the tax off". Talk about bait and switch.
  4. It's better than 0% off!
  5. Besides no tax and or shipping, it all adds up!
  6. 15% off is good
  7. whos knocking it?
  8. the post above my 2!
  9. 5%, 6%, 7% etc........................ is better than 0%

    Besides if you do not live in the same state as the company you're ordering from (online) you do not pay tax.

    Good on you [email protected] :nice:
  10. You don't live in PA so no Tax for you and most of our inventory is free shipping, so I am pretty sure we are saving you more than 15%, no bait and switch here.

    Everyone else thank you and keep your eye out for more sales to come.