Score One More For Junkyard Motors.

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  1. Well crap! I shoulda stayed with the 351 hahahahahahaha


    1980 mustang coupe
    Forced Inductions S480
    stock cast piston 351w shortblock from econoline ford van
    gt40p ford explorer cylinder heads
    crane powermax flat tappet cam
    truck lower intake with downs box upper
    megasquirt 1 v2.2 doing fuel and spark
    96lb/hr injectors
    twin aeromotive stealth pumps in fox tank
    C4 trans
    8.8 rear with 3.08 gears
    275/60 15 m/t et street radial PROS
    full interior weighs 3200 with driver

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  2. How comes there is always some guy doing it w/ a junk yard combo,..and I blow up the good stuff?

    These videos never show/tell us how long you'd run 9.50's on a stock bottom ended, GT 40 headed,...JY 351 W before it puked.
  3. not bad eh
  4. Dude's got some serious stones running that on cast pistons hahaha. I guess he's not got anything expensive in any of that, though.

    Makes me want to go throw that 351 back together with stock parts and just have fun with it.
  5. I've followed his build for a while. It's held up longer than you'd expect.
  6. That's fine,...I'm gonna put rings, bearings,...and maybe rod bolts in my banger,..a good fuel system,...two stock carbs modified for blow through, and 18 PSI.

    We'll see how much "fun" that'll be.:banana:
  7. :trip: <--- That much fun.
  8. betcha wont! :stick:
  9. It's almost harder for me to believe that he's shifting over 6500 RPM with a stone-stock bottom end. Stock rod bolts!

  10. yep. I know guys that have run stupid crazy times with JY motors. They don't care if they blow them up as they are low cost to replace. It is funny to see a guy with every high dollar part in the motor get smoked by the guy with a JY motor. IMO tuning is key in keeping the motor in one piece.
  11. Yes. How many times after a motor scatters did the guy say "I got greedy with the timing/revs/boost."
  12. The turbo he's running is $850 from Forced Inductions. The S475, which is rated for 50 HP less (1050 total) is $649 from Forced Inductions. I know those long tubes you are looking at are cheap, but this guy probably has $6k total in his car, and that's being generous I think.
  13. those P-heads flow :D
  14. Haha! I don't think that's the message here...
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  15. I hate to play devils advocate here....
    I will start by saying that IF this is legit then I am impressed. I am a skeptic, can't help it. I have seen on 1 occasion a "stock shortblock" 302 that was going high 9's crack the block and a tear down revealed H beam rods....curious Also seen an LS "stock bottom end" window the block with an H beam rod, double curious....

    Not taking anything away from this, just playing devils advocate..
  16. Nevermind. I'm dumb.
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  17. Well I know for a fact my bottom end is stock. We'll see how it does... Maybe Nik can report on the 351 side too.
  18. ^^ Sounds good! I expect a full report! :D
  19. Haha! I don’t know that I have the cohones to throw 20 lbs at a cast piston 351. Actually, I’m pretty sure I don’t. I will say though, that I’ve seen/heard of successful cast piston turbo 351 efforts before this one, but none of them went as fast as this guy is going, and all of them ended in piston breakage. HOWEVER, none of them were running a stand-alone EFI system, with a monster fuel system and E85. That may be the trick, really. Just feed it lots and lots of really detonation-resistant fire-liquid.

    I have thought about this before- nobody seems afraid to take stock bottom-end 302s right up to 500 HP and beyond, even though it’s well known that they break at that level. On the other hand, very few guys will run a 351 hard without spending a lot of time and money in the bottom end. Even a lot of the “basic” 351 builds include main studs, rod bolts and polished beams, let alone aftermarket pistons. In a nutshell, I’m curious why there are so many TRUE junkyard 302 builds, and very few junkyard 351s, when the 351 is obviously stronger. I don’t know that the cast piston thing is an excuse either, considering how many people build late-year Mustang 5.0s and Explorer 5.0s, none of which came with forged pistons.
  20. Nik, there are tons of people building 351s. They just aren't as common in the mustang community because the 302s come in our cars already. You'll see 'em at the drags, though. I'm not sure if I'd do it with stock parts, too. People used to put forged parts in the 302s before everyone came to the consensus that it was a waste of good parts. The 351 lower ends are actually weaker than the blocks. So, good parts make sense. From a purely economic standpoint, it's probably still best to just run what you buy from the JY, though. The guys running stock stuff aren't afraid to push to the ragged edge, because there's always another one at the nearest salvage. Kinda wish I went that route as I would feel more flexible in my own build. Now, I have to think very carefully and conservatively because I have too much money tied up.