Score One More For Junkyard Motors.

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  1. That's exactly what I was thinking.
  2. Agreed. IMO if you have a stock 302 block and either wind it up or add a power adder, it is more likely the block will split before the crank or rods let go. I've seen guys spend top dollar on girdles, forged cranks. H beams, etc, and stuff them into a production block and wonder what went wrong at 400hp or less.
  3. That, combined with the fact the nearly all 351's came with junk pistons, truck camshafts and require additional parts (oil pan, headers, brackets, hood, etc) to even get the thing in there before you even consider adding aftermarket power parts to the mix. Only later model ones were even equipped for roller camshafts. Nothing of course that can't be swapped out, but it can add considerably to the cost and work in the end.

    For the guys who want to make and hold big power levels, the swap is just the ticket, but lets face it, most Fox owners almost never eclipse the 300hp mark with their cars. Heck, the majority of the ones I see running the streets never get past basic bolt the hassle and expense of doing a 351W swap just isn't worth the effort for most.
  4. Oh yea, I understand that we see a lot of 302s because we started with 302s. But there are also a lot of guys who build 351 stuff, and you hardly ever see them going the junkyard route like this guy has.
  5. And it's those select few who go outside the box that leave us scratching our heads wondering what just happened as they give a shrinking view of their tail lights.
  6. Haha true. There is a fine line though, between the guys who make this look easy, and the guys who hold us up at the track for 30 minutes as the clean up crew vacuums up their engine vomit when they inevitably blow something up with their hack "I built this on a dirt floor" builds.
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  7. I'll be sure to take my bbq pit to the track so I can cook all the crow i'll be eating that day. :oops:
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    I dunno, LS swap guys seem to have REALLY good luck haha.
  9. We'll see. Im not out to prove anything, I just wanna go fast.
  10. From what I can tell.....a very, very select few. For the most part, you get what you pay for.
  11. I think that's because the factory builds the best stuff.
  12. So NIK we gonna see a hair dryer hangin off that 351 of yours?
  13. Ha, maybe someday.
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