1. It took a little poking around but I found it.:banana:

    An original, unmolested Mercury Zephyr Z7 w/ 84,000 actual miles. Closed the deal this morning, I'll pick it up next week.


    Straight 6, floor shifted C-4 w/ a almost perfect black interior


    Tell me how many fox mustang coupes are out there w/ perfect floors and sheetmetal, running w/ only 84k on the ticker, that can be purchased for 2200.00?
    UHHHH none.:shrug:

    Now I know what you're thinking,....this thing pales when put beside a mustang coupe. How can I even compare the two?

    2700 lbs. A coupe weighs what?
    Same interior and interior dimensions as a mustang, but w/ more rear seat leg room.
    Same suspension as a mustang but w/ 5" additional wheelbase.
    Same engine compartment and K member
    A trunk big enough to actually get something in.
    Did I mention 2700 lbs?

    What starts out appearing as "granpa" car, can end up as "go away kid, ya bother me" w/ just a few of the right outward mods. ( tires, wheels, paint, tint, stance)

    My head is buzzing w/ plans,...( I'm like a 16 yr old getting his dream car)
    Look for alot of homemade DIY projects on this thing, i.e. SF connectors, Panhard bar, Torque arm, Mini tubs. Clean, clean, clean. The stuff that I can do over a weekend, so the car can resume it's daily drive status on Monday.
    One last funny note,...I asked the guy how were the torque boxes,...he said:
    What are torque boxes?

    I told him never mind,.....

    It is after all a straight 6 automatic in a Zephyr.

    Can't wait till next weekend.:D
  2. We can't wait either. Nice grab!
  3. What year is the car? You can't beat factory aluminum bumpers! Also gotta love that 55mph on the speedo is highlighted from back in the day when that was the national speeedlimit.
  4. it's a 1979, the bumpers are indeed aluminum. The speedo does cap @85 MPH,..... (probably all the faster it'll go anyway)
  5. I remember back in the day, I helped my buddy who had a Granada. We swapped out everything from a wrecked Mustang- brakes, engine, transmission, rear, shocks, exhaust. It surprised quite a few kids in their brand new slomaro's. Those cars can make a very nice sleeper. Good luck with the purchase. Sounds like you got a real find Getting an unmolested low mile 2 door is a score.
  6. That's awesome. I've always loved those 80's box-style, big-trunk sedans. One of my dream cars is a 1981-1990 Caprice with a 383, or one of these that you now have or a Fairmont. Good luck!

    Sleepers are the best!
  7. I get everyone's enthusiasm... Enjoying cars many don't like. But that merc is all you mike. Yuck
  8. I'm sure this car is like a blank canvas to you Mike. Is your goal to have this be a reliable, yet fun car that you can drive everyday?
  9. Its time to go to the next level Mike. You've got the fabricating, bodywork, welding and soldering down, but you need one more step. Time to start art school so we can get the Foose style renderings of your projects.
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  10. Though it's not what you had in mind... How cool would a Coyote swap be in something like that? LOL
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  11. Guess it's all in the eye of the beholder dude. I'm like that little kid in the movie playing against Bruce Willis, only I see "dead cars" instead of "dead people".

    My last Zephyr started out the same way:



    All I can tell you is the above car will be like a grade school project compared to the masters' thesis the new one will be.

    Yes to one and two,...(depending on how reliable an E-85 fueled 400 WHP turbo'd 4 banger will be):shrug:
    There's already an artist's rendering done in the late 80's in a hot rod magazine "Annual" I want to build off of,.....
    if I can find the damn thing.

    Oh no doubt,....I'd have one in there in a NY minute if I had an extra 8500.00 laying around. Maybe TLC will pick me up for their next reality series,...and pay me to build it.;)

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  12. Hey, I just realized that those things have the same dash as the 85/86 Mustangs. :drink: Since they're bucket seats, you could run the center console.
  13. Haha sweet. That thing is F-N mint!
  14. I plan to.....On one hand,..I was planning on a totally custom built interior (ala west coast customs,..chop, cut, rebuild) on the other hand Fairmont/Zephyrs are pretty spartan interior wise.

    Was thinking maybe.......a SN 95 dash/console conversion, Custom made door panels, two Corbeau GTSII front seats rear seat delete w/ a stolen race o holic brand amp electronic frame in it's place .........maybe???? :hide:
  15. Well... can't fault ya for an SN95 interior. If you'd said, 87-93 interior then I'd need to call the guys in the white jackets to come haul you off.
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  16. Are you going to create a build thread? Or is this going to turn into your build thread?...
  17. Has a neat look to it, I like it. Looks similar to a mustang 2 but more like a sedan or family car while retaining and edgy look.

    Awesome find!
  18. Nice find Mike, for a 79 that thing appears to be in great shape and those 6cyl took a ton of abuse.
  19. Ha Ha, I hear ya. Although I loved the interior in my last car, the constant exposure to the French Whore House paint scheme has somehow damaged my psyche,...and now I get a nervous tick everytime I even look at pictures of it,:confused: ....so No,...there'll be no 87-93 interior in this car.

    Well,....as part of my peace treaty w/ the wife,..if I do anything remotely close to laying a hand on it before I get my motorcycle back together and sold,.......it's curtains for me,.......CURTAINS I tell ya!
    So short answer is,....there'll be no build thread anytime soon.
    Besides I've spent my budget for the month anyway. The self-made Breakfast in bed, and the flowers for the wife on Sunday, ( the price for being allowed to buy the car) was already steep enough.;)
    Not another guy telling me my car looks like a Mustang 2:nonono:
    For the record,.....telling me that my car looks like a Mustang 2 is comparable to telling your wife that those jeans make her butt look fat.
    I HATE MUSTANG II's!!!!!!!!:fuss:

    I'll find out this Saturday if it is as nice as dude says it is (Sheet metal described as an "Arizona Car") only w/o all of the sun damage and natural sand blasting.
    Yeah it's a good thing the 3.3's were so durable,......The 6 will have to go several more miles before it gets relegated to anchor duty.:rlaugh:
  20. would be sweet if you could make it look like a corvette
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