1. Lies

  2. To be clear,...My point above was if I hadn't built the car, and just came on here before it all stating my intention to do so the declaration would've netted me a 100% "yeah right,..I'll bet that'll be a sweetie".
    It took the completed project to get the eventual consideration it garnered.(For the 30% that eventually ended up liking the car).
    Sooo,...the point is, the new concept in my head will naturally be met w/ blanket skepticism, because the finished project isn't in front of anybody yet. And Just like the previous project, (judging from the respondents in this thread alone),..it won't matter what I do to it, 7 out of 10 of you won't like it regardless.

    I'm O.K. w/ that though, I build the car for myself. When I'm at a cruise in or show, those that like it seem to find me, and they ask a bunch of questions, we talk and have a good time.
    Those that don't, walk on by and I never knew they were there.
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  3. That's what it's all about. No single car has global mass appeal. It's just the way it is, and all the diverse creativity is what makes this hobby great.

  4. ACCCHHRRRMMMM the SRT-4 .....
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  5. I think the big thing here is that mike has found something of interest. His last car, if someone had just told me about it, would have sounded like a waste. After seeing the work that went into it, I think the car is a work of art. I agree the zephyr was ugly and hoped Mike would get a Fairmont, but the guy has a vision and I have a strong feeling it will be cool when it's done. If not, I think we'll see some cool stuff done to it. I suggest spinning rims....lol
  6. I appreciate the response,..but what do you see as a difference between a Fairmont, and the Zephyr that makes a Zephyr ugly, and the Fairmont somehow better?
  7. Well said Scott.
    While I am a ford guy,...I am not a mustang only fan. I changed the last car specifically to make it stand out in a sea of sameness. If that meant somebody was gonna vote me one of the top ten fails, or decide to photoshop the pic I posted of the car because it wasn't a Cobra or an aero nose belly button,....... Oh well.
    I choose the things I build because they ARE different, while still being a Ford. I can see how that concept might be hard for some to grasp on a fox mustang forum, but again,.... Oh well.
  8. I was just going by your name, but fair enough.

    and just a note, all fairmonts are ugly ratchet cars, even if they're fox based or not.

    And yeah I read a lot about these cars, you could ask me about them and I could lay out information and specs all day. Ask me about any other car and I couldn't tell you a thing other than that it's a car. :p (playful ugly tongue face)

    I like the look of a Mustang II sometimes, some are balls ugly, it varies. Pintos not so much. But I feel yah.

    I'll leave you with this

    *in the song they say pinto but he doesn't actually drive a pinto, it's a chevy impala*

    Mike all the way. He even looks mad here (I'll keep saying it!).

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  9. I will retract my previous statement. It was based off od the raised quarter window. After some research, I found that both models raised the rear quarter (somwhere around 80-81) and that the right paint scheme can make it look good. My apologies Sir.
  10. I respect all of that but I do notice a hint of "talking down" to the people on this site that like to modify boring/belly button fox mustangs without drastically altering their appearance drastically to make them "more unique". I do look forward to seeing how the Zephyr turns out though, good luck.
  11. Not surprising you think there is a hint of being "talked down" to. After all, all MadMike gets at times is the big negative vibe form the vast majority.............so go figure.
  12. You notice a hint of me "talking down"?:shrug:
    Maybe you didn't notice the majority of the "opinions" offered on this thread?

    It is what it is dude,.....It's like I've said on here before,....the internet is the fertilizer that allows the assholes to grow and flourish. I typically will not sling shyt at anyone unless they just beg for it first. I'll give anybody credit for what they do that smells even remotely close to requiring more than a how-to manual.

    Again, I get it that there are those that think my Zephyr is about as ugly as it can get. I expect it. Everybody is free to offer their advice and opinions likewise.
    Don't expect that if you go out of your way to let me know how ugly you think the project is before you see it, and after I've proven myself capable of doing some pretty decent stuff, you still manage to hurl BS.
    Only prudent that I'm not gonna voice an opinion of my own.
    and if you're that guy going outta your way to point out my poor old Z's lack of beauty, expect that I'll say something......
    Especially if you are having problems just figuring how to bolt in an aftermarket seat in your me to mustang.
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  13. Honestly Mike, build it and even those who don't like the body style will recognize the skill and craftsmanship involved. Hopefully you didnt take my previous comments seriously. No worries, you got it man. Any luck on the motor and Volvo head?
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  14. I'm not bothered by anything you said R.D. I didn't take it as a negative comment either.
    I expected to do the engine next,....but that was before the opportunity to buy the car popped up. I'll focus on the car for some time, getting all of the underside cleaned and detailed in prep for what will come. I'll concentrate making the thing less miserable to drive, as it'll be the only thing I drive. Over the next year, anything, and everything I do to it will be completed in one weekend each time....
    So to answer your question,...no motor stuff for a while,...and the stuff I do will be as exciting as ironing, so I'll probably not update.
  15. Like I said, I look forward to seeing the project unfold. I don't think I personally was slinging bs offering my opinion, nor did I say I thought it wouldn't turn out nice before you've even started. I do understand your reaction to all the criticism now so I will gladly take the cookie cutter fox mustang references :nice:
  16. Next, on the Oprah/Dr. Phil/Elen show....

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  17. I was thinking more like Maury.

    Here's the thing,...I wasn't referring to your comments either. I was just making a blanket statement w/o pointing a finger. ( Well, I pointed a finger,...it just wasn't " pointed" at you)
  18. Webster's definition:
    The running project car: Something gear heads do to lessen their wife's annoyance with their habit and planned build. :nice:

    It's been my usual approach until the white car....lol.
  19. Woo hoo, a new rendition of the Hurricane! Friggin' awesome!
  20. UPDATE**

    I get to the destination to ck out the car. Dude calls me on our way to inform me that the car (in for transmission repairs under AAMCO's warranty) cannot be seen, because the owner of the shop has decided to not come in after all. We were almost there anyway, so we pull in and talk and discuss my "concerns" despite the fact the I cannot see the car.

    It had a Vinyl roof. Since removed by current owner because he noticed some "bubbles" under the fabric. He said he removed the fabric to investigate wherein he discovered a rust hole in the driver side a pillar. (He said he fixed it though w/ some epoxy sealer he uses in his floor coating business)
    "You used epoxy sealer! how bad was the rust?" "Oh it was through, but I wire brushed it real good, and the sealer I use stopped the rust." :nono:
    "Was there any other rust"? "No,...well there was a very little hole in the roof, where the old vinyl was in the middle, but I caused that because I wire brushed it real hard, but it's sealed up w/ the same epoxy sealer I used on the A pillar" :nono::nono:

    "Well if that isn't a vinyl roof in the pictures what is it? paint?" "Uhh no, it's a epoxy coating I use in the business for coating floors" "You put floor covering on the roof of the car"? "Yeah, but it's real durable. I wanted the vinyl look, but didn't wanna pay anyone to put it back on, so I did it myself w/ my stuff" :nono::nono::nono:.

    "I noticed in the pics, the trunk is black inside,...did you coat that too"? "No,....that's the factory undercoating,...Ford must've did that." "Uhh no again dude,...the trunk is supposed to be body color just like the LTD you're driving,...You say it's undercoating,...on the inside of the trunk??" :nono::nono::nono::nono::nono:

    " Those wheels you have on your LTD, are the same as those pictured on the Zephyr, are those an extra set, or are those the ones off of the car"? "Uhh yeah those are the wheels,...I probably shouldn't have posted the pics w/those wheels, they don't come with the car." "What wheels do come w/ the car then?" "Hubcaps, but they look kinda like these wheels, and the tires are brand new":nono::nono::nono::nono::nono::nono:

    "Give me back my deposit dude, there are just too many flags waving for me to go forward w/ this deal."

    I tell ya. This guy was a piece of work. I don't know if he was trying to deceive,..or if he was that clueless, you do not "fix" rust through w/ an epoxy sealer. I didn't get to see the trunk, but the thought of having to scrape off the liquid asphalt off of every inch of the trunk floor to reveal what is probably covering a pitted,..rusty mess is not something I'm going to do. It'll be 2 more weekends before I can get back down here to see if it's as bad as I think it'll be,.......and it may be.:dammit: