1. That sucks Mike, sounds to me like a shotty deal. Well, did he at least give you your deposit back? Sounds like a rust bucket.
  2. Mike, sorry to hear that. If your anything like me, I get set on a car and the plans for it. It's a real dissapointment when photos, or the owner, do not properly represent the car. Guess it's a good thing that alot of us are older and don't date via the web. After all the car experiences I've had, I could only imagine the results of finally meeting the "Former Mrs XYZ" only to find a one-legged bridge troll.
  3. He says he will. I'll have to see on Monday.

    Yeah,...I really had my mind set on the car, it might not be as bad as I'm making it out to be, and he may come back w/ a discount to keep me in the loop.

    Like I said,...We'll see on Monday.:shrug:
  4. Dayum...

    Well, sorry to hear about that.
    It sure looked like a smokin' deal, until you started talking about rust.

    I don't know what all the hate is here for the F/Z...
    They are not the prettiest car ever, but they are far from ugly, especially when you consider the potential.
    They can be everything a 79-04 Mustang can be after you swap parts, which almost all interchange besides the body panels.

    I hope you get into an F/Z.
    I know you'll like it.
  5. Had a bunch of em dude The pic posted earlier is one of my old cars. (only it was a World headed, solid roller cammed, 357 windsor w/ a C4 and 4.56 gears) I know I'll like it, and I'm not afraid to really change up the interior. They don't come along very regular anymore,....so I'm hoping it's not a rusted mess (Seller swears the car is solid)
    I have the Tbird T/C that I looked at last month that can be bought for 600.00, and although not rusted, it's all kinda rough from broken tail lights, worn out interior, badly faded paint, badly sun stroked trim, and a passenger side window that will fall in the door if you look at it wrong.
  6. If you run across a 1985-ish T-bird with a pristine body, I'd love to hear about it.
    I couldn't care less about engine size or mechanical condition... I just want a perfect body, straight interior would be nice too, but not required.
  7. Man. That blows.

    The guy really seems to have a way with epoxy coatings. Can I get his number? I need to re-coat my garage floor, and he seems like the man to get the job done :stick:
  8. Well the T/C I'm considering as "plan B" is clean enough body wise,.......Alabama cars are like Arizona cars, only w/o the sun damage, and natural sandblasting of the exterior finish. The problem w/ the car itself, while cheap enough, and while it does run and has an AOD already w/ a 3.73 disc brake 8.8 as astandard equipment, it's gonna need alot of TLC just to get it to temporary DD status.
    Choosing it as a project will make the aero nose snobs w/ worn out pink racing seats happier, but I gotta admit,......I am creatively challenged w/ that body style. The Futura body style is really the car I want to build this time.

    Here you go:

    Flooors,..... walls,.... cars.
    Just give us a call.
  9. Mike, I'm in the similar position. I really want to do a semi-road race build, but know it is not a keeper (work has me move too much). I just found a 99 GT that would be fun and an easy fix. If I bought it, it would be an additional bonus to the old "car fund". The problem is that I found a 92 that is just like my 93 and it won't bring the money, but is dog-gone fair priced for a CA car that passes smog. It's likely I will buy the 99, but ultimately be regretful for not buying the body-style I truly love. So, stick to the big Z and buy the TC for the motor...lol.
  10. I have the motor RD,..Actually I have two of them. You are right about the regret,..I want that Zephyr to NOT be a mess when I actually get to see it, but I'm afraid it will be. (Rednecks, and their "solutions"......:nonono: ) The T/C is the rational choice, It's one 1/4 the price. It has the right K member, ( Zephyr does not ) It has the right Trans ( Zephyr does not) and it has the right rear end (Again, the Zephyr does not). It has seats that are equivalent to GT sport seats, ( another minus for the Zep) But what the one thing the T/C has that the Zephyr does not, is an extra 500 lbs curb weight, and that alone is holding me back from buying it.
    I like a Turbo Coupe for the same reasons I like a Fairmont (It's not just another fox Mustang) and I may end up w/ it after all,....but in a few days time will tell.
  11. There is no wrong K-member.
    Everyone says you cannot use the 3.3 K for a v8, but they are wrong.
    It's 'urban myth'.

    I bet there is an easy enough way to put the I4 on it as well.
  12. It doesn't matter Rate,.....I'm so close to buying the Turbo Coupe now (primarily because it costs 600.00) it's gonna take a miracle to keep me outta it.
    I need to keep it cheap if it is to happen, and a straight body w/ a T/C 4 banger already in place, in front of a working AOD, hooked to the right length driveshaft, infront of a 3.73 disc brake 8.8 is just too much temptation to pass by.
    The reality ck is the trim, interior and weatherstripping are hagged. The interior aside, I do not know how hard it will be to get the other stuff refurbed if I can't replace it.
  13. I think you already made your mind up Mike. Go for the TC and keep an eye open for a Merc. The problem is that your actually looking for one. When your not, one will pop up. Anyway to greatly reduce the curb weight on a TC?
  14. A tubular K member and related front end suspension components will save whatever. ( but I won't change none of that junk on a street driver) I typically add weight when I build a car, primarily to stiffen the chassis for potential ride quality enhancements . And on top of that, I'll add another 70-100 lbs for sound deadening.
    I've never owned a turbo coupe, but since it rides on a 4.5" longer WB ( actually shorter than the Zephyr), and already weighs 3379, I doubt I'll be adding an ounce.
    I'm expecting to lose the choppy ride that comes standard in a Mustang, and since it is a Thunderbird, I'd expect it to be way quieter inside as well.
    I don't know why I'm obsessing,...I had two 04 GTO's a few years back. I loved the way they performed right out of the box, and they were heavy pigs. (like 3700 lbs) Similar power to what I'm looking for w/ the the banger too.
  15. What year TC?

    The nice thing about T-birds is that they don't need any body mods what so ever.
    When lowered with some killer rims/tires, and tinted glass they look hot.
    No spoilers, body kits, or fancy hoods needed.
  16. its an 87 model ( M/T's car of the year)
    I agree, it don't take much to make one look good, unlike the poor old zephyr
    , which was Gonna require a hefty dose of anti- ugly.
  17. I agree. Go get yourself that TC.
  18. 87-88 was a good year for the Birds in alot of ways, 8.8" rear to be sure, but I don't care for the looks.
    I want a 4 eye Bird.
  19. I had found a daily driven TC Bird (1986) in Atlanta a few months ago for $800.
    I shoulda jumped on it. I am sure it is sold by now. It was cosmetically perfect on the outside other than oxidized paint, inside was decent, and it was mechanically decent as it was a driver. White over blue interior.
    Woulda, shoulda, coulda....
  20. For the love of God, just go buy a car and start another project already! I'm gonna go start picking off your kids in Council Bluffs one by one until you do...