1. I paid $660 to get the black car from Californee to Tejas, so I'd say that's not a bad deal.

    And I have money that says Noobz is referring to a rubber fist.

  2. Yeah,....well it's a good deal when,...and if I get it. They were the cheapest carrier advertised but they had 4 different "tiers" of pricing.
    The bottom meant purgatory for sure, the next (at 615.00) was supposed to be w/i two weeks of the order,...the next at 710.00 was supposed to be w/i a week of the order date,..and the top was enclosed w/ priority. I know I'll end up waiting on this thing till I get frustrated, and pay that next tier,...just to get the car coming. But,...it'll probably work out like this:

    I'll be on vacation one week from today. The carrier has to have me at the house to sign for the car, and pay him. Guess when I'll get the email,....and phone call trying to schedule the pick up?
  3. I may be asking a stupid question, but WHAT did you buy? Is it a Zepher, Fairmont, or a You Go (as fast as you pedal)?
  4. No,..it's not a stupid question,...I bought this:

    After I get it home, cleaned up, buffed, a quick 5 lug conversion and a liberal dosage of trim black, followed by the same wheels this guy is running, I expect it to look like this:
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  5. AWESOME vision!

    A crazy thought, have you thought of turbo charging the straight 6? I know the Ch**y will out do a turbo 6 without major boost. But for unique points, it would score big. And I am not sure you can kill a straight 6 unless you go overboard on the revs and NEVER change the 0il.
  6. When I saw that had a six, first thing that through my mind was turbo six. Mike, you say you like having something different. A 300 with a turbo in a fairmont set up as road racer would fill that bill quite well.

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  7. They've got a point, ya know. And those $300 eBay turbos have been getting good reviews. You could whip up a complete system for well under a grand.

  8. I tell you,...this is freakin' weird.....I've been looking all day long at doing that very thing. The 6's are like indestructable, w/ 7 main caps,...and forged conn rods from the factory, w/ a dished cast piston that yields a 9:00/1 CR. The head is the problem though w/ a cast log style intake on the same side as the exhaust. I'd have to cut the log style intake and exhaust manifolds off, and build a new intake and exhaust from scratch.
    But,...somebody that has a machinist for a friend (like me) and somebody that can fabricate an intake, and exhaust manifold once the old junk is cut away ( like me) could make the engine yield like a conservative 250-300 whp at 15 P.S.I. from a 3.3 liter engine at 5,000 rpm through a blow through carb. ( I've been doing alot of reading today)

    Now granted,...some might think that going through all of that just to yield a piddly 250-300 whp is a gigantic waste of time and money. AND,....As tempting as it is to yank that 6 outta there, and replace it w/ GM stuff makes a strong argument on one hand,..while at the same time, the other is saying that I'll get dissed for bastardizing the brand despite the obvious advantages. And quite frankly this has me all in a quandry.

    I still bleed blue.

    The exterior cosmetic I linked based on the yellow car above is like falling off a log to me:
    SN 95 front stuff,...cut stock front coils, w/ Ranger drums & cut coils on back w/ the right 5 lug axles cant be 500.00-700.00 totally to allow me to buy the wheels and tires to make that look happen. A slight window tint on one day, and blacked out bright work the next adds another couple hundred to the total. While I cant be sure till it gets here, the project car looks straight enough from the pics to be able to pull it off.

    If I can get the car to even come close to looking like that while I modify the rest (including what I'm gonna do w/ the power train) while driving it back and forth to work will be all worth it to me.

    All of this is the very reason I love the hobby. The challenges that come up to make it all work while at the same time serving my need to be different.

    I'd trade a dozen terminator Cobras for the chance to be able to do what I'm getting ready to do w/ granny's car.:banana:
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  9. +1000 to the quality, and aesthetics of that build. If I could hope to have the thing look like that in the end,...I'd do it just because of the way it looks.

    Consider the fire,.. fully involved.:nice:
  10. So,... As I patiently await the arrival of the Fairmont, I've done several "things" in anticipation of it's eventual arrival.

    #1. I've been doing alot of research about what engine I wanna put in this thing. In truth, I really want to stay w/I the brand,.. but will not (under any circumstance) consider either of the two Windsor brothers as an option. I was, and still am considering a LS swap,.. but,... it does still kinda rub my sense of allegiance the wrong way. The six that comes in it is the definition of anemic and taking the typical measures to "hop it up" naturally aspirated, is still a waste of time. It comes w/ a stupid cast on "log" style intake manifold that has provisions for a 1bbl carburetor, that just reeks of low performance.
    Years ago,...I took one of those heads to my machinist, and had him mill off the top of that log so I could look at the intake ports,.. and decided that it was a waste of time. The intake, and the exhaust enter, and exit on the same side of the head,.. so when you consider it,... the exhaust manifold will actually contribute significantly to preheating the intake charge. It's just a stupid design all around,... and,.. topping it all off,... the bell housing mating surface will only accommodate the little wusskin C-3 trans currently behind it. So in the grand scheme of things,... a 3.3l,200 c.i. 6 is a dumb move across the board.


    Also in the same family, was a 250 c.i. version of the same engine,.. that had a slightly bigger valve, and port volume,... but still the same log style intake, still on the same side of the head as the exhaust manifold. More importantly however,.. it has a longer stroke,.. makes more torque,.. AND, has the standard SBF bell mating surface on the rear of the block.

    So I'm looking,... and here's this guy that has a 250 in a classic mustang,... and he has a machinist mill the entire manifold off of the head completely,... both intake,... and exhaust. He rebuilds the thing w/mild steel and sets up the combo for a turbo.

    IMG_1932.jpg View attachment 126379 View attachment 126380

    Granted,...it's a little crude,..but the point is,....HE DID IT!!!!

    His goal is to make the same power I am,...300hp,...but more importantly,..350 or more lb. ft of torque.

    So,...I got this new plan,...kind of an injected version of dudes creation,...but I'll use actual bends,..instead of the cut, and splice method old dude has got above.

    This is actually a running combo,...he has it on you tube already,...blowing through a 350 CFM Holley carburetor.

    Now before somebody chimes in,...and suggests that I blow all that crazy s hit off,..and just buy a salvage 300 out of a f-150 that already comes injected,..already has a SBF bell mating surface,..w/ a removeable intake, and exhaust manifold,...I'm considering that too,......I'ts just really tall,...really long,.....and probably really heavy.

    But,...like it says about a thousand words ago,...I'm still researching.

    I've also bought all the junk to do the big brake upgrade,..(all W/O even having the car here yet.) Crazy you say?

    Remember who's doing the writing.
  11. I still like the Volvo headed 2.3 idea :shrug:
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  12. Good, i get back from work and some state of normalcy returns. Looking forward to seeing this one get completely crazy Mike. I've got a couple of different projects going on before, but have found an 82 Fairmont that I plan to pick-up. She's the same "Decay Yellow" as your project. I'm looking at a simple Fox swap-over due to the great state of California's laws. So the ultimate goal will be to make it handle (panhard etc) and look cool. I'm thinking dark grey or white with gloss black trim. Hopefully she is still there when I get the other stuff done.
  13. Mike, are you talking 3 hundy HP with or without a turbo? Because, if you're aiming for 300 from a turbo'd 250 ci straight six, don't tell any Supra owners. They'll laugh you off the street! If you're talking 300 from an NA sixer, that's a much more honorable goal.
  14. Good to have ya back, Mike! This build should be quite interesting to say the least....once you decide which way you're gonna go with the drivetrain. I'll be stalking daily. :lurk: :cool:
  15. You gotta look at the head Nik. Even after I mill the old junk off, and give myself a decent pathway for the intake to get in, and the exhaust to get out, it's still pitiful. That, coupled to the fact that it, (the rotating assy) was never designed to see anywhere near the power that a turbocharged combo would subject it to,.. is why I'm being conservative in my power goals.

    So to answer your question directly, yes I intend to T/C the six. 300/400 will be my power objectives at 15 psi.

    Just remember this one thing: A Fairmont weighs 2700 lbs.
  16. It does? Looks like it weighs 5000 lbs.
  17. Then it's time for you to " Can that line chatter grunt,.. and deploy a little recon."

    The car has always had the dubious honor of being even lighter than a notch. (How they do that out of a fox body that is longer than a hatch is beyond me)

    Here, you can see all of the specs for yourself: (clipped from a random Google search)

    The length of all models is 193.8 inches with a width of 70.2 inches and a height of 53.5 inches. The wheelbase measures 105.5 inches. The tires are B78x14. Maximum fuel capacity is 13.4 gallons. The 2.3-liter has a final drive ratio of 3.08, the 3.3-liter has a final drive ratio of 2.73, and the 5.0-liter has a final drive ratio of 2.47. The curb weight of the 2.3-liter is 2,568 pounds, the 3.3-liter is slightly heavier at 2,611 pounds, and the 5.0-liter is the heaviest at 2,961 pounds.

    So see,... in actuality,.. I was incorrect about the 2700 lb part,... but I figured nobody would believe 2600.

    Now if I was gonna make it a drag car, it'd stay that light,.. but it's going to live it's life on the street. It will get a custom interior that'll include a pretty serious audio system, sf connectors w/ jacking rails tied into the rockers, a strut tower brace, lower k member brace, torque arm, panhard bar and all of the related bracketry to support that.

    That, plus the turbo,... and its related stuff will probably add 300 pounds back into the mix,..but that is better than starting w, a hatch's 3300 portly lbs. So, in retrospect, its all good.
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  18. Not saying I didn't believe it, they just look heavy. The one guy on the Corral with the home made supercharger on his 84 LTD (MikeLTD or something) runs 11.70's at like 117MPH and claims it weighs under 2800lbs. You should check his build out. He's using a Thunderbird SC roots supercharger he mounted like a Vortech (passenger mount), pretty unique.
  19. AlexLTD I think. Cool car.