1. I'm not so much looking for an et as I am looking at a horsepower/torque goal. I want/need a high 200 HP and a middle 300 torque number at a boost number that doesn't mean an early demise for the little engine.
    Some may think I'm setting expectations too high,...some may say too low,....I'm also considering the overall balance on the package as a whole.
    The A2W inspiration comes straight from my short ownership of the Cobra. For me it's relatively easy to find a space for the coolant reservoir. A little JY radiator mounted somewhere w/ a little 10" fan sucking air through it all the time makes more sense w/ regard to dropping charge temps, and they are no more expensive as a unit than an A2A.
    I found several smallish Chinee units that look like they can be made to fit under the hood. The water/meth injection is more for detonation control insurance.

    Right now,..IDK how much boost is gonna be required to make that power target I have w/ that engine,...It may be waay conservative,...or it may be on the ragged edge for a stock piston, I guess I'll just have to try it and see.

    I gotta get that damn car here :fuss::fuss::fuss:.
  2. I was referring more to $$$ than power for goals. I wanna see what I can do with a $10k budget, are you setting a similar standard?

    As far as power is concerned, I was reading about a 3.7L mustang earlier that had a 62mm unit and made wellllll over 300 at the tire, on 8 lbs and a very, very mild tune. I know that it has a couple more slugs than yours will, but I think it's entirely feasible with what you wanna do.
  3. Hey Mike, that 4 cylinder you're talking about, is that the one that comes in some of the rangers and it has 2 spark plugs per cylinder?
  4. that is the old engine. The new motor has single c.o.p.'s but dual overhead cams. No dist, s.f.i.
  5. I'm at half that dollar wise. The turbo, bov, waste gate, and I/C are All under 500.00 new. (We'll see how long the Chinese stuff lasts I guess.)
  6. I've been loosely following a few threads on TTF about the chinee stuff. The general consensus is that as long as you completely disassemble and clean the stuff when you get it, there are *usually* no problems with it.

    Have you looked at VS racing? They have a "Denmah package" of everything you have listed above for pretty cheap.

    *edit : http://www.vsracing.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=1320