Scored a good Deal on Ebay

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Venom351R, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Snagged a Romac Ballancer for Only $220 :nice: Figured it was time for a new once since my stock one has $116,000 miles on it and from reading the threads in this section Ive seen alot of them let go at 70 to 80k So I figured I was pushing my luck w/ my stock one. With all the money and mods I plan on spending on the stang this winter/spring I figured it would be good to invest in ballancer just in case my stock one let go and shook my motor apart. Dident think I would score a romac for $220 though. The place where I bought it from has it listed for $250 on there webiste.
  2. Why were you bidding, when they have a "buy it now" for $219???? :shrug:

    Actually, when I got mine in Aug from them, I called the company to ask him a question, and he sold it to me for the $219, AND included FREE SHIPPING. He said it was easier for him to "secure" that sale (not risk losing my business) and not have to relist the part! :nice:

    You'll like it!

  3. I was waiting for the auction to end and I was going to put in a bid for $1 b/c the starting bid was $199.00 but someone bid on it and took away the buy it now option, then somone else put in a bid on it this morn or last night so I just put in one for $220 after it was up to $219 and it ended after that. I still made out good since most of these go for over $300 and this shipping is only $8.50 :nice: Mint

  4. Yeah, under $230 is good anywhere!

    For those of you reading this, mark down that Ebay seller and get yours from there. The guy was really good to me on the phone.

    Fastlane Motorsports! :worship:
  5. ha ha ha ha.....i have been watching that auction since yesterday. my buddy paul was the one that bid on it. i called him and told him someone outbid him in the last 20 minutes. his balancer is shot and he was aggrivated about it since he desperately needs it until he called them. they gave him the balancer for $209 + shipping. ;)

    at any rate though, you got a good deal. mine cost me $250 from houston performance.
  6. lol, I knew there were other people on here looking at it, I feel bad that I screwd you buddy out of it but Im glad that he called them up and was able to get one for cheaper. I was thinking the whole time if there were other people out there that may really need it while I could prob hold off and get one down the road since my car is in storage until april, thats just the way I think. But Ebay is a fighting ground and its winner take all, you win some and you loose some. Send your friend my regards and tell him Im sure there will be a day when he outbids me on something too

  7. no worries, dood...

    as it turns out, you did me a favor... i'm getting the balancer shipped 2nd day to me for $219.99 total... you saved me a day or two and $8.50 :banana:
  8. well I feel better about that now, Im gald it all worked out for you. usually you have no connection to the othere people that are bidding but it feels werid outbidding your fellow Stangneters in the 94-95 section. The only reason I even knew that auction was up is b/c someone posted the link to it on here......word to the wise and I have said it MANY TIMES, never post a link to something your looking at on ebay, you never know how many other people in here might want it to.

    I wasent even thinking about getting one until I saw that link. So just goes to show you be careful what you post just in general. Just b/c someone finds a good deal on Ebay it dosent give them ownership to it,especially when you post it in a public fourm. With as many guys on these boards and people that just come by and look the odds of posting a link to a good deal on car parts pretty much assures that you wont end up winning it.
  9. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:

    Sorry Striped, I just had to do it...besides, Paul and Rog are my local boys, so I kinda gotta side with them.