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  1. The lack of response from Drake1 (Joe Johnston) tells me all I need to know. :notnice:
  2. Really? What sort of additional response would make you happy?
  3. As previously requested: "Please post a picture of your current 71-73 emblem for comparison."
  4. I think we all need to remember that there are "3" sides to every story/argument. Each opponents' side and then the truth/facts somewhere in between. While the parts aren't always "PERFECT" where would we all be if SD and a very few others didn't make/market the stupid little crap like underhood wiring harnesses, alternator pigtails, specialty fasteners, etc, with at least the correct connectors and close to the right length. Yeah, I've certainly gotten a few "bloopers" that really pi$$ed me off at the time, but a lot of this stuff is simply not available any other way. If these companies can't turn a profit, while keeping the prices low enough for people to actually buy the stuff, they will close their doors and we will have absolutely NOTHING!:( I don't think there are many folks that would be willing to pay the $$$ for parts that were made on tooling that was made to the kind of quality/durability standards that a large, high volume company like FoMoCo was able to produce. Let's face it, we are a small niche market and need to be at least a little bit thankful that we have anything at all. Just imagine where we would be if we were working on mid 50s to 60s Dodges or Desotos? Right up here is where:

    Of course the paddles are likely overpriced and "NOT"concourse quality.:rolleyes:

    Just My $.02,

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  5. So becasue nobody else makes the parts, they can justify it by making crap that doesnt last and think "hey, were the only one that makes it, who else are they gonna buy from". That in no form is a excuse.

    I seriously doubt they are hurting for money and they wont close their doors.Why? Becasue there is always a new customer out there that doesnt know any better and thinks because the pakacing looks "official" it must be good.
  6. I saw two NOS Mustang fender scripts on ebay. The auction ended yesterday. They sold for $175.00 plus shipping. Considering the repops sell for a suggested retail of $9.95 each, how bad do you want perfection?
  7. Go to Dearborn Classics and order GTA fender badges for a '66 Fairlane GT. The repops are plastic, the OE's are metal.
  8. iskwezm,
    You said:
    "So becasue nobody else makes the parts, they can justify it by making crap that doesnt last and think "hey, were the only one that makes it, who else are they gonna buy from". That in no form is a excuse."

    I certainly agree, I don't like lame/inferior parts or feeling cheated any more than the next guy and I was simply presenting the "other side of the coin", so to speak. It's, unfortunately, a matter of doing your research on cool, friendly, forums like this to know what's good and what to avoid.
  9. mustangmutt,
    So, what's the deal with the pic in your avatar? I can't see all that well, but looks like the gauge cluster is on the right. Is that a pic of a British/Aussie car or did you just reverse the pic to mess with us?
  10. That IS their current item. If you really need the emblem, buy the darn thing, and bend it to proper shape. That's how it ended up wrong, looks to me like the original part that was used to make the thing had been dropped. I looked at one last week, after this came up, and with it still in the package, I pressed it with my thumb, and about 1/4 of the improper bend went away, and I wasn't even trying. Or you can wait a few months, while they make a new die.
  11. I don't need it as I purchased several NOS off eBay long ago. As far as bending it to suit your preference:

    A. If you break it, you now own a classic "Mustan" emblem.
    B. If you succeed in bending it without breaking it (which I seriously doubt), I bet the pin sticking out the back of the "G" won't line up with the fender holes anymore.

    It’s ridiculous to think that we should all be grateful that someone is making repro parts, regardless of quality. This is not a poor man’s hobby, so make it right or don’t make it at all. :flag:
  12. Substandard repros are responsible for over the top NOS prices.
  13. A. It's zinc. Your odds are pretty good. You'd have to break a dozen of these to equal the price of one NOS emblem.

    B. Actually, since the pin on the crooked repro moved with the bent letter, bending it is probably the only way to get the repro to line up with original holes

    No one is expecting gratitude here, I'm sure. Instead of ****ing, I offered a pragmatic solution to those who need these now.

    I have had to deal with many an "oops" misfit part, including "genuine Ford" parts. Ever pay through the x for an NOS fender only to discover Ford welded the headlight bucket on wrong? I could go on. Drakes' punishment here will be a black eye in PR, eating all the defective emblems in their and their dealers' stock, not to mention returns, PLUS they have to shell out thousands to have a new die made. You ever priced such tooling? It ain't pretty. I'd be surprised if they make a dime on this emblem anytime in the next five years.
  14. I'm sure they've made plenty of profit on them in the past 5+ years. Who said they're going to eat anything? They'll just deplete old stock then introduce new stock (if they actually fix it). Yes, I've priced die cast tooling many many times. Rough off-the-top-of-my-head estimate: I could get 1,000 of these made for about $3,000 (yes, that includes tooling). This is a very simple, small part.
  15. I'm almost ashamed :nonono: to admit it, but I took a perfectly good all American :flag: '67 Fastback and converted it into a Right hand drive Eleanor for a Customer in South Africa.
  16. "Don't make YOUR problem, my problem." This is the problem here. Losing money and having to re-do things is part of R&D and owning a business. That's why you take the time to make sure it's done right the first time. I can give you a list of popular companies I don't deal with for that very reason. When your problems become mine, that is the last time we do business. I had a set of $500 coil overs here for years that were worthless because the company that sold them to me in a kit, didn't R&D their kit correctly. The ass end of the car bounced like it had blown shocks. Why I had to pay for a different set when they didn't know what the car needed from the get go is BEYOND me. Another part I ate that was someone elses problem. People feeling "lucky" we have parts for us and being so apathetic as to the quality is why it will never change with some companies.
  17. I'd be ashamed too. Just kidding. Serieously though, I just don't get the whole Eleanor clone thing.
  18. Then you're a fool if you don't do it. If this part is so easy, the field is wide open, since Drake doesn't have it. Seriously. Everybody complains there isn't enough competition in Mustang parts. You could help solve that.
  19. Touche! :nice:
  20. Yeah, I feel the same way about Eleanor. When I saw the movie I said "Thats not a Shelby". They are good looking cars but it bothers me that people call them Shelbys. To me they're a movie prop. But it did create a craze which added to the whole Muscle car industry. I'm just glad I bought my '68 Fastback before the movie came out. It probably saved me a few grand. At least the Classic Recreations cars look more like Shelbys. I think for the most part the Eleanore hype has worn off.