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  1. I am looking to put my full radiator cover on my 1991. The radiator mounting is stock. I was wondering... can I remove the radiator mounting brackets on the top of the radiator and chuck em... or are the absolutely critical to secure the stock radiator and fan (lack of) set up?

  2. Will it make the radiator sloppy tomatoes?
  3. there are better ways to secure it then the stock rad mounts. I've seen several examples out around
  4. I thought about getting one of these ScotRod covers


    But ended up with one of these instead for now

    View attachment 125925
  5. both are sexy. but I'm leanin towards the scotts
  6. I just didn't like the rivets showing
  7. scottrod makes some primo stuff. I am wanting a set of his bolt in aprons.
  8. same one i posted only in aluminum finish. Direct from scot rod is $80 for the aluminum one. You can get the polished one for $95 direct
  9. you can get them with or without the latch cutout
  10. looks a lot better polished IMO.
  11. amen, thats what ill be getting
  12. maybe it's me but I dont see a piece that actually holds the radiator in place in the Scott Rod piece. It appears to only cover the opening between the radiator support and the front bumper cover.
  13. correct, for the scotrod piece you will still need a radiator hold down
  14. I don't mind the rivets as long as they aren't some God awful hex bolts.
  15. I got the black cover set... so you must keep the bulky radiator arms? Damnit... The cover doesn't fit over them...
  16. nah, get a flat style upper radiator cover like mine posted up above
  17. I wish they made these for my 95. I could really use one without the latch cut out

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