Scratches In Glass How To Remove

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  1. Can I remove scratches in glass? On my sunroof there is a few really light scratches I would like and try to remove. Any products out there I can us to make it look better?
  2. Jewelers rouge. They use it to remove scratches from watch bezels.
  3. Thanks any idea where I may be able to purchase this stuff?
  4. Eastwoood, Harbor Freight. Home Depot, Amazon
  5. Eastwood has alot of different scratched glass removing items.
  6. good tip mike, i never knew that worked and need to hit my windshield on my other car to clean up some fine scratches
  7. use in the same way as polishing aluminum?
  8. I use a buffing pad like for waxing a car.
  9. You may try calling a local glass place or find an auto restoration shop near you. I know a lot of guys have original glass buffed when restoring cars, especially glass that's either not remanufactured or hard to find.
  10. I remember water being used to keep the glass cool during the buffing process. It is a mess if your wipers scratch the windshield.