Scratches On '10 Gt

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  1. When we picked up Wendy's GT it had numerous scratches all over the car, like someone had washed it with a brillo pad......I would like to get it corrected if possible, how much should I expect to pay?
  2. If you can find someone that can buff and I dont mean someone that has buffed I mean someone that really knows how to buff it will probably cost between 200.00-300.00 to have the whole car done.

  3. That's reasonable, thanks for the information.
  4. Maybe more than that - the pads alone (if high quality ) - should be around $200/$250 - it maybe closer to $300 / $350 w/labor and peralnotchback is correct - find a seasoned buffer - typically they should have their own 'custom' mix of glaze (like I do) - but watch out for car detailers at car wash places - that's a big no no - to properly buff a car it should degreased w/all the wax removed - then brought back 'up' slowly w/various glazes /compounds - I don't know how bad the scratches are - but even if they are very 'fine' - I would go to a very good body shop - talk to the buffer guy - tell him you want 'new' pads - not the reconditioned one's off the truck -- all trim taped ( I don't care how good he or she is) etc etc .....
    This is the type of guy you want - he's not a body shop - but people fly him out to detail expensive car collections all over the country -
    maybe there's a place out by you like this .......