Screaming Blown Throw-out Bearing

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  1. Hello,

    Just wanted to share the mess that was my throw-out bearing.


    Noise at idle -

    Pulling out the pieces -

    Notice the ball bearings and strips of metal laying at the bottom of the bell housing.
  2. I have had three of those go out on my 98 GT over the course of about ten years and 50k miles. I'm a spirited driver, but don't pound on it. And I def. know how to drive a stick; I have been driving manual trans cars for over 20 years and never had a problem with any others. Anybody else find these to be problematic in the Mustangs?
  3. I've heard these TOB tend not to last as long as one would expect. As for mine, I bought the car 2 years ago with 144k on it and have no idea when the TOB was last replaced. But the clutch pedal was a bit heavy back then.

    After replacing the clutch, PP, shift fork and pivot, TOB, quadrant, cable, adding a FWA, resurfacing flywheel (not that that would effect the pedal), new bushings in the pedal cluster, and going through a clutch break-in procedure it all works great and smooth now.
  4. Thank you for posting the second video. The ball bearings in the bottom of the bell housing verified a fear of mine.

    For the past few months I have been finding small ball bearings on the ground under the car. I thought maybe it was the wheel hub assemblies, another car parked in the garage, and even the garage door opener. I'm now convinced my throw out bearing is on its way out. It is just strange that the car drives like normal and makes no noise.

    Did you notice any ball bearings laying around before yours kicked the bucket?
  5. I never noticed ball bearings. It has only 118k on it. Not enough to warrant that many TOBs! Good luck!
  6. I never noticed any ball bearings laying around. However, before the TOB self-destructed I pulled the cover off the cable/shift fork attachment point and I saw bearings in the cover. Strangely, it wasn't especially bad at that point.

    Guess those were the extra bearings that came out. :)
  7. Guess I need to get under the car and check inside that cover. Funny thing though. I haven't noticed any change in clutch performance and no squeal. Hopefully I am wrong.

    Still, your tob disintegration is impressive.
  8. I look forward to hearing what you find...or don't find.
  9. Took off the clutch cable cover. Everything looks intact. Just a little dusty in there. I even ran a magnet down into the bell housing and didn't come up with any loose ball bearings or debris.

    I'm relieved but also still puzzled as to the source of these ball bearings.
  10. So the mystery continues, but that's certainly good news...for now. ;) Meaning there could still be a chance they're coming from some place worse than the TOB - not sure what could be worse, though.
  11. What kind of clutch did you go with on your install?
  12. I just went with a FRPP package from American Muscle and it's been working out just fine. It's been smooth, linear, not grabby. When I did the install I had the flywheel resurfaced and followed this break-in procedure (found in a Mustang forum somewhere). So far it has only 3000 miles on it - mostly highway. But with the snow we've had here I've gotten to do a lot of feathering with it.
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