Screeching Noise (96 Gt)

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Skidzz, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. My 96 GT is making a very loud, high pitch screeching sound only when the clutch is disengaged (clutch pedal pressed in). The clutch does not seem to be slipping even while going downhill. The noise goes away once the clutch is engaged. This happens in every gear and in neutral. I'm thinking it's the throw-out bearing. I know there were some threads on here about it, but can't find them. Anyone else think it's the throw-out bearing? If so, are there any good write-ups out there on replacing it?
  2. Throw out bearing...and you have to pull the transmission to change it
  3. Yep. I knew I would have to drop the tranni if that was the problem. Might as well replace the whole clutch and flywheel. Oh well.... I have a three day weekend and a garage....and beer :cheers:

    Any decent write-ups out there for a clutch swap?
  4. Ok so I got the clutch changed. It went pretty smoothly. But now something odd happened.

    My old clutch used to engage somewhere between the middle and top of the pedal travel. For the first two days after the replacement, the new clutch was engaging completely after letting the pedal out only about 3 inches and once the pedal was totally released it had some play at the top and I could literally jiggle it. I thought the difference was just due to my old clutch being worn out and that this new engagement point was correct, but then this morning, after two days, I got in the car to drive to work, and the clutch is back to the way it was. It takes more pedal release to engage and no longer has any play at the top.

    Is this just the new clutch breaking in or self adjusting, or is something wrong with it?
  5. If it is an original quadrant it will adjust itself. Or you can pull forward on the pedal and it will adjust.