Screw the dealerships...

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  1. What pisses me off just as much as the price is that some dumbass will actually pay that much for the car.... :mad:



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  2. agreed cars are waaaayyyy to expensive these days and its the manufactures and the dealerships doing it to us and we just keep buying them. thats why i buy the old ones and keep them.
  3. Now that's funny.....

    You could buy that, or:

    a Z06 AND a Saleen S281 base model

    a new twin-turbo 911

    a ultra-low-mile R-model Cobra of EACH YEAR ('93, '95 & '00)

    A Saleen S281 Extreme, plus a base-model C6 'Vette

    I mean, that sticker doesn't make me mad, it makes me shake my head that there's dealers out there so offensively delusional...
  4. As they say, "It doesn't hurt to ask".

    It doesn't appear that all that many people are willing to pay $20K markups let alone a $65,130 markup.

    I really like how that dealer has his asking price @ $109,995. Obviously $110,000 is way too much to pay for a GT-500
  5. I bet the dealer thought: "The Ford GT was 550hp and that sold for $160,000, the GT500 is 50 hp less so I'll just take 50K off the GT's price." :rolleyes:
  6. Even more crazy is paying that much for what the Window Sticker lists as a Shelby GT which is not the GT-500

    This is a Shelby GT
  7. Your right ! That dealership don't even know what they have! Is it a Shelby GT or a Shelby GT500? What a bonehead Sales department!
  8. GT500
  9. I agree that 110,000 is way to much for a gt500 and I doubt they will get it but the dealer has the right to charge whatever it wants too. As the market for the GT500 fades the Price will drop. So if you HAVE to be one of the first to get one and have deep pockets then bring your lube. Or you can use your brain and buy one with rebates a couple of years from now.

    Funny how people do not complain when the dealer sells cars 100 over cost. Dealers make all the money on used cars and service, new cars are not as profitable as they once were.

    Now if you had a product in your hands that people willing to pay 40-50k more than what you paid for it I know you would take the 40-50k.. If any of you say you would sell it for sticker your either a liar or a retard.

    Simple facts are

    1. the dealer owns the car and just like when you sell a car they can ask whatever they want for it.

    2. owning a gt-500 in the first year of production is not something you must have, so I have a hard time feeling bad for somebody that chooses to be a idiot and spend that much over sticker for one.

    3. if any of you that are complaining had the opportunity to make 40-50k on something you were selling I highly doubt you would turn it down. If I had one I would try to get as much as possible for it.
  10. That's all very true... but in the long run it leaves a very sour taste in many consumers mouths when they see so many dealers pulling this kind of crap. Makes many people think twice about buying a Ford product ever again. No wonder the company is in such a sad state of affairs these days. The stealerships are not helping the company at all when they do stuff like this. They are only lining their own pockets and hurting the overall image of the company. F'k 'em.

  11. I don't think the purpose of this thread is an "anti-free-market" rant.... I think it's more of a "$65K mark-up?? that's just stupid" rant. Most dealers are in the $10-20K mark-up game. This dealer is an anomoly that deserves to be laughed at. The point is, that they don't have a snowball's chance in hell of GETTING that mark-up, so the whole free-market-they-don't-make-enough-money-on-regular-cars-the-service-and-used-cars-make-all-the-dough speech doesn't really apply in this circumstance.
  12. BTW, on my first post, I forgot.... For $109,995 you could own a REAL SHELBY, i.e. a '67 GT350, or a '69 GT500...
  13. i saw 2 in the last week one this morning

  14. I agree they will never get that kind of markup. They will figure it out on there own when that car sits and rots in place until they lower the price. Hopefully it backfires on them and they are still holding onto this car when they are selling for invoice with rebates in a couple of years :lol:

    U.M. I don't think this really hurts Ford that much. It may hurt that particular dealer but most people understand that Ford has no control over this all they can do is suggest a price.
  15. lets see the dealers are greedy and most of them suck with customer service.. The ceo at ford is making 25 some odd million a year and what do they want to do close plants and lay off the working man the Dam CEOS should take pay cuts and leave the working man alone Ford gets what it deserves.

  16. You are right on. Yes the dealers can ask whatever they want, but sooner or later they will run Ford out of business by chasing away customers for good.
  17. Holy scamoly, I couldnt see the pic before on dial up. Now I got hi speed and I can see it. :D
  18. Ford's planning a dealership reduction program over the next year... I wonder if they'll get rid of stupid dealerships like this one?
  19. Every person who pays ANY mark-up is part and parcel of what is wrong with the US "money-grabbing mark-up" system. If NOBODY paid it then the prices would be the manufacturer's price. So these people are to blame for fuelling the stupidity of the system but at the end of the day, it's self-inflicted.