Screws And Hardware

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  1. We are trying to put the car together, 1965 coupe. It came in pieces and it is like a jigsaw puzzle, but we don't have all the pieces.

    How do we know what screws we need to put different pieces together? Is there a list of screws needed and sizes? I find in the shop manual where it shows there are screws that are used to attach pieces and where they go, but how do I know what size screws to get and use?

    Any help you can offer would make life much easier and would therefore be much appreciated.
  2. you can buy the screws and bolts in individual packages for each part of your car from a mustang parts dealer /Mustangs unlimited ,Branda , National Parts depot , any dealer will have them. Bolts are not cheap .
  3. So I take it there is not a schematic that shows screw sizes anywhere?
  4. There probably is ,it is just easier to buy them for the part that needs them .
    Hardware store bolts just do not look right