Scrming's First Dyno with Zex

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by scrming, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. The correct response is!

    "Hell yeah MSP!" "The ZEX is smashing even my new springs into the pavement!".....I almost fliped it at a stoplight last night! LOL!! Com-on Scrming, we're all counting on you and Jimp to be honset with us.. LOL! I want hear you almost flipped it! :D :nice:

    I need wheelie bars! Post a link! LOL!!
  2. Hey next time you go to the track, remove the front sway bay after u do a run, to see how much difference (if any) that makes.
  3. Whos gonna do the first in car run down a street on the nitrous? hrmmmmm :) (thats a good idea i think)
  4. I'm still a little on the nervous side... I did one little power brake /launch ni our BIG parking lot this afternoon... It was BASICALLY INSANE!!! I'm trying not to go to crazy... making sure everything is hold together... so far so good..

    I do need to find a more local re-fill shop that doesn't charge an arm and leg! I found one place on the way to Lidio's that only charge $2.50.... but it's a good 40 minutes from here...

    One cool thing of course is that unmistakable purge sound... LOL!

    I mean it did shave about 1 sec off my 0-60!

    I will probably give it a bit more of a work out over the next few days... And then a week from Saturday it's back to Lidio's for some more fine tuning and possibly the 100HP jets...

    But I can tell you... even from a show side.. it's does have Zex Appeal! LOL!
  5. Not me... not after my close encounter this week... LOL!
  6. I saw this 03 cobra that had the purge coming out of the passenger side fender emblem right where mouth was on the snake. Man that was neat. where do you have your purge at?
  7. Under the drivers seat! LOL!! :D
  8. haha, that way you can laugh down the quarter mile and feel good doing it :p
  9. LOL!! Well, you said it came out the fangs of the Cobra.. My joke was that when he needs to purge himself....LOL!! Nevermind... Dumb joke! I sorry..

  10. Yeah... explain that to the ER doctor how you got a server case of frostbite in that spot on a 80 degree day! LOL!

    Right now mine just vents under the car... Found a great spot to mount the solenoid.. but need some longer piping... LOL
  11. you're worried about explaining it to the doctors? im worried about explainin it to the woman lol

  12. You really should make detailed pics for us.. I know its hard when your working because you get into the flow and want to just get it done.. But, as a community we need someone to document procedures and good routes to take for alot of things.. record of sorts.. So, if you get a chance and have the patience, we would appreciate pics along with you explanations..

    We still dont even know how Jimp did his install.. Which is a shame, because purple looks alot better with black than yellow.. LOL!! That CAI you have needs to be painted Scrming.. The red is killing me against your yellow beauty! :D
  13. I'll email you pics if you want. My pics didn't come out that great. PM me.

  14. It ok Jimp.. I just wanted to get the threads filled with authentic pics for future reference..

  15. Well, with the CAI being bright red a lot of people mistake it for a turbo! LOL!!! You have no idea how many times I hear that at the car shows! "Oh and there's the turbo..." LOL!!!!

    I've got one of those Midwest Plenum covers coming... (actually 2!...the ebay thing!) I will have the CAI and plenum cover painted later...

    Man... I've been trying to keep my webpage updated and detailed as much as I can! Still need to get pic of the purge install... LOL!
  16. As well as a short clip of you purging it ;)
  17. right now it's very boring... just under the car... need to do some creative plumbing... LOL! It still sound impressive... LOL