SCT BA5000 MAF Transfer Function

Apr 12, 2020
Hi, I have a 95 Mustang GT with an on3 turbo kit. I purchased a slot style SCT BA5000 MAF sensor to run in the car. The SCT tuning software I'm using is too dated and doesn't have the data for this chip. I have searched far and wide on insight to where I could find the transfer function for this chip, no luck. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could provide me with that, or point me in the right direction of where to find it.
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Apr 12, 2020
I did a 10min search and did not find the curve that you need, I do however have the VMP 5000 transfer function tool.. which is even better as it will scale the curve for you. also if you have not already you should visit

From what I've heard, the vmp 5000 and the sct chip should be the same transfer function, so that spreadsheet you provided is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!
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