Sct Bama Tuner Wtf

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  1. Im all excited finally finished my LTs and they sound amazing. Went down to the gas station on an empty tank and filled it with 93 and then tried uploading a tune, no problem. go to start and it stumbles and dies within a second. Tryed all 3 different tunes to no prevail, luckly the stock tune worked and got me home but now ive got a tank of 93... and a $380 POS?

    Tryed to look up the specs on their website and my order # wont process, how fustrating... Need to get this figured out ASAP!

    If anyone can help please do!!!!!
  2. I'd call 'em tommorrow. Everything I've seen posted about them customer service wise has been positive. Not sure anyone here can go farther than that.

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  3. I did not particularly care for the SCT 3015 tuner either, car ran like crap so I sent it back. The only way I would ever consider getting one would be if I went power adder.
    I actually like the sniper special forces tuner better. I had one on my PI improved 96 and it was decent. what I especially like about the sniper is the fact that you can make changes to fuel and spark at part throttle as opposed to only at WOT which is how SCT is configured.
  4. I had issues with recent upgrades to my tuner, Bama sent me several tunes and is working on making it right. I had my car checked on a dyno, its lean. I tured it back to stock, gonna have a dyno tune done locally. I dont want to take any chances on burned valve or pistons.... I have my tuner for some time, tried it a few times, but the local guy pointed out my problems and can fix it right. No more canned tunes or email tunes for me...
  5. I have a BAMA SCT Tuner for my 2013 and have had not a single issue with any tunes. Call AM and they will get on it right away. They are very good about it and take care of you.

    I am actually ordering a tune for my 2000 Vert, and I still expect nothing less from their Customer Service.
  6. tuner is a waste of money IMO if your car is stock/bolt-ons. I wasted so much money on crap like CAI, Tuner, ThrottleBody, ect. Is my car a little bit faster? probably. Was it worth the $700, not at all. Should have saved up and bought a Kennebell, thats when you really notice a difference.
  7. For LT's the o2's have been moved a little more downstream than OEM. Mileage and throttle response will not be as good as it could be if properly tuned. Emailing SCT or AM (wherever you got them from) and having it adjusted for LT's should help you immensely.
  8. Get a wide band installed and get a legit tune done. Adam over at pops racaing is a tuning badass.
  9. Got the tunner figured out. The guys at AM were very helpful and pretty quick. def tighten up throttle response and got a gain (prolly more from the LT and O/R X) but im happy. Once I get heads/cam il get the dyno/tune. Would like to see what the car fuel/air ratio is just to be safe, should be around 14?