SCT Eliminator Chip, Can any dyno tune shop re-tune?

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  1. I Presently am using a Motorvation "custom tune chip" in my 87 Mustang. But I will be replacing it with a SCT Eliminator. (the reason for the swap, I was told SCT was a better product than Motorvation, and I like the 3 stage tune) I am taking my Stang in next week for a Dyno tune. They say they can tune with the SCT chip but not the Motorvation. Is that possible? Or would the SCT have to be sent back to Bama for a new tune if the dyno shop can not do that.

    I also have considered purchacing a Tweecer or Moates Quarter Horse but I am not well versed in tuning myself. Would this be a better way to go? The man @ the Dyno shop told me that a problem with the Tweecer, it does not communicate well with newer laptops with Microsoft w/Vista, but does ok with the newer Windows 7, an older laptop would be needed without Vista. Unless the Tweecer has been improved to use with that program. Any input on that?

    So to put it into a nutshell, What is the best method for tuning my Mustang? I am basicly looking for the best A/F ratio and stable idle with my combo. And of course, the most power!
  2. With out the originaly file for the SCT chip the new tuner will not be able to modify what you have, but he could write a new tune for you if they are set-up with SCT.

    I personally am not a Tweecer or EEC tuner fan.. The Moates tuner is interesting and looks very powerful, it can be a little intimidating if you have never done any tuning. What is your combo?
  3. My combo is a 9:8:1 306, with TFS Twisted Wegde Heads and Street Heat Intake. FR E303 cam, FR 1.6 roller rockers, FR #24 injectors, Pro M 77MM mass air meter, Edelbrock 70MM throttle body and BBk 1 5/8 full length headers. A9L ECU.
  4. I would say go with the TWEECER RT. I have it and it has worked fine with my laptops. I have had windows XP & windows 7 with no problems. Im not a pro tuner but, the upside to a TWEECER over a chip is that you can adjust the tune any time you want. You dont have to send your chip off to be programmed & wait for it to come. If you get BE & EA to go with it, there isnt much you cant tune in yourself. There is a lot of info & it may seem overwelming but, if you like to do things yourself instead of paying people to do things for you, its an awesome tool. Granted, if you get to crazy with it you can do some real damage but, there was a guy on here that said a pro shop turned off his rev limiter by mistake & he blew his engine apart. A shop might Know a lot more about tuning than I do but, they can make mistakes too.
  5. Quarterhorse all day long
  6. If your paying for a dyno tune why waste the money on another tunig software? Theres nthn better than a dyno tune. I have the sct chip and they can rewrite a tune on the chip.
  7. +1 quarterhorse.. Better and cheaper