SOLD SCT SF3/X3 hand held tuner UNLOCKED

Discussion in 'Other Classifieds' started by supercharged69, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. SCT SF3/X3 hand held tuner unlocked. Used once sold car. Includes everything that it came with...package, software, cable, and usb cord. Works on all mustangs 96-10. Thanks

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  2. How much are you asking for it? You sure it won't work on a 13 5.0?
  3. Asking 245 shipped. After much research, I found it will work on most any mustang including yours when you get a custom tune. It is unlocked /unmarried to any vehicle. It will except up to 5 more vehicles. You can get custom tunes from various dealers on sites and download your tune from online directly to the unit. Hope this helps :nice:
  4. Awesome thanks for all the research. Haha what's your PayPal so I can send the payment?
  5. I never had a paypal account. If interested I will give you my email address. Send me your address and I'll give you mine. Send a money order or personal check. As soon as it clears I'll send it out and email you the day it's sent out.
  6. You should check out Paypal and let me know what you think about it first. It's really easy to use and is a much simpler transaction.
  7. Not interested in paypal, always done it this way....don't need anymore accounts or transaction fees
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