"SCT SF3 / X3 Power Flash Tuner w/ 3 Free Custom Tunes" anyone have this?

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Pokageek, May 30, 2011.

  1. I bought it with the jlt cai. Otherwise mine is stock too. I absolutely can feel it. I've only loaded the performance street tune though. But with it, it feels like it really kicks in at 3000rpms. Every GT should have this mod for around $500.
  2. The unit itself does make a difference however when purchased with a CAI and performance tune it makes a lot more power. Check us out we have the unit stand alone and with CAI's like JLT and STEEDA. PM me if you have any question.
  3. Yeah it really wakes the car up. I have the JLT CAI as well and its awesome.

    Dude, put on the Race tune, big difference! Awesome power.
  4. Did you get any idling issue after you installed your custom tune and JTL CAI? If so did they go away or what did you do to resolve them? thanks.
  5. *JLT

    sorry. lol
  6. SCT SF3

    I can't say what it did. I had a 4.10 gearset installed at the same time. I did not get a CAI, I opened the box up and got a K&N. It feels quick to me but I think that's more because of the gears.:shrug:
  7. American muscle offered a free tunes for life when I bought mine. Is definitely worth it if our slow about adding extra parts. As far as noticeable power adder alone? I don't personally think it gives much performance gain (5hp?).
    BUT, on the other hand if you intend to install extra parts along the ownership of your car, it definitely will help the extra parts in to "mesh" with each other.
    And the 3-3500 whoosh you feel isn't about the tune, but more the butterflies. Get a charge motion delete plate and pair it with a tune and you'll have a smoother powerband all the way throughout the RPM's!
  8. Brenspeed also offer tunes for life and comparable to American Muscle on price and power output from the unit along with the CAI. I myself went through Brenspeed because their prices on the headers I wanted was better plus, they have outstanding service and support (they test absolutley everything), and unbeliveably fast shipping. I didn't have any issues with my tune but you can tell the difference when the gas isn't good quality. But ABSOLUTLEY get one!!!