Sct Tune Question

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  1. So I asked a question to the SCT's customer support after reading their tune could give a 28hp & 34tq boost. I asked, quote "Are these numbers accurate for a stock mustang? As in, if i were running premium fuel, hitting the 420\390 stock numbers, i can hit 448\424? If not, what is the top numbers I can hit stock?"

    And received an answer quote "Those numbers are the results we got when testing on our dyno, there is a number of reasons that you might get different results then we did. While it’s the same tune that we used you might have different environmental conditions that would affect performance. In short you should get around our numbers but it might be more or less then what we got."

    So this really didn't answer my question strongly enough, kind of vague. So I asked again, quote "So you were hitting around 448/424, or close to those numbers in your dyno tests then?"

    He responded with "Right." I then asked for a link to a dyno sheet and he said "We don’t have them available for publishing, I actually don’t think we have the data anymore."

    Anyone have any first hand experience or thoughts on this regarding a 13-14 stang with the SCT tuners?
  2. You will find this same story over and over again. It is not just SCT but all of the hand held manufactures and big box mail order tuners. In my opinion if you are looking for a tuner to absolutely maximize performance then have it put on a dyno, otherwise you may be wasting your time. I have personally seen on more than one car HP and TQ losses after installing a tuner, this isn't always the case but has happened more than a few times. We have done back to back testing with a lot of different products using our in house dyno and you would be astonished at some of the results!
  3. The stock #'s are actually flywheel #'s right? I know my car was rated at 300 BHP but the dyno results said 284 RWHP before mods.
  4. Yeah, it's definitely FWHP they talk about it adding as auto makers usually only give FWHP as their initial ratings.

    But i had a feeling these numbers are a little bogus for a stock mustang. Just seems hard to believe that SCT can squeeze out more horsepower than a BOSS with just a tune.
  5. I have a 2014 gt auto. I installed a sct 91 oct. Tune with cai i didnt dyno before the tune but my dyno after the tune was 360 rwhp it was 100 deg with 40 percent humidity the tune cut my 0 to 60 time by half a sec.
  6. What were your 0-60 times? Like 5.4 to 4.9?

    And did the tune firm up your automatic shifts?