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  1. Hey guys, I am looking to add some horsies to my stang. I read this does not really add power, but increases your tire revolution. Is this a safe method of gain, or will it hurt my transmission/engine more than it will help? I wanted to add long tube headers, but I am really not looking to add something the car wasn't made for. While of course neither is the tuner, I feel this may be less cost effective and safer. Next to either of these options, what about a larger throttle body? I believe our line came with a 56 mm TB, so will a 70mm add torque and take away power, or will it positively augment both? Sorry for multiple q's but I really did not want to compose separate threads. Thanks, any insight would be appreciated.
  2. Several miss-conceptions here, the SCT does allow for more horsepower and torque, provided you are willing to run premium fuel. There is also a program in the SCT that is a fuel economy tune. The program also allows for you to change the revolutions per mile of the rear tires, this allows you to install larger (or smaller) tires to the car and have the speedometer read correctly. The SCT tuner also has adjustments that allow for the installation of Lightning 42 lb/hr fuel injectors and MAF for those who perhaps are going to supercharge/turbocharge the engine. If you feel competent, you can even change fuel trims and ignition timing separate from the per-programmed tunes in the SCT. Overall, I believe the SCT tuner is well worth the money spent on it. As far as throttle body goes, Accufab sells both a 65mm throttle body that is a direct bolt on replacement and a 70mm throttlebody that takes some modification to the throttle linkage bracket and one can port the intake manifold opening to take full advantage of the larger throttle body. Another good performance gain can be found in an underdrive crank pulley and the install of a good cat-back exhaust system. I would leave longtube headers for those who plan more extensive modifications, I.E. camshaft and/or cylinder head modifications.
  3. Thanks a lot man. Do you feel on a nearly stock engine (only has cold air intake) I will really feel an increase in performance given a simple tune? Also I know someone who is selling a BBK 70 mm throttle body, do you think that will also boost it a bit, or is it a waste of $250?
  4. Yes, even on a stock engine you will see an improvement. Remember, you have to run Premium fuel to take advantage of the increased timing map. If only regular fuel is used, the engine will "ping" under even light acceleration. I do not think that the 70mm throttle body would be an improvement at this stage. It will not hurt performance, but it is not going to help at this point. The $250 would be better spent on a underdrive crank pulley.
  5. Hey guys, was looking for some info and came across this thread. I have SCT SF3 pre load and a 97' GT anyone know how to turn the Governor off? Is it possible with my model?
  6. If you wanted to get longtube headers, you'd need the tuner or MIL eliminators to clean the CEL code you'd run. Tuner>MIL eliminators b/c MIL eliminators are 20% of the cost of the tuner and don't provide the added benefits of a tuner.
  7. The sct tuner is a great investment
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