Digital Tuning SCT TUNERS?

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by thd245, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. What is the differences between the SCT Tuners? The SF3, Livewire, and X3.
  2. Probably interface options. Read reviews and product information on their website or at the likes of et al.
  3. Alright, well I believe the only difference between the X3 and the SF3 is that the SF3 comes with pre-loaded tunes. Same programmer, just one has preloaded tunes.
  4. The only difference I can tell between the SF3/X3 and the Livewire is the live data logging.
  5. The X3 comes with preloaded tunes, the SF3 you have to implant through the handheld your CAI, CMRC delete, gears, etc.... to tune the car.