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  1. Just so I am clear.... any tuning that was previously uploaded for an RTR Mustang will be wiped clean if I try to install a CAI from Steeda paired with the tuning it requires with an SCT Tuner? I like the tune I have for the RTR, nice and torquey, but if I install a CAI I don't want the car running like crap..
  2. If you get the CAI with tune from Steeda, I'm confident you will still have an awesome tune. I'm sure there are myriads of testimonies out there of the Steeda CAI and tune kicking butt and taking names. Steeda will ask you what's on your setup and probably provide you a custom tune to give you optimal results.

    The SCT device will store the original tune for you anyway. Just back it up.
  3. Thanks for the reply ximportdriver.
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