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  1. Okay. I just recently bought an SCT X3 from BAPracing with intentions of using it on my '95 Cobra. Now apparently, this tuner (according to the instructions and such) is NOT programmed for use with Mustangs earlier than '96 (except for '95-'95 V-6, go figure). Can I at least use this thing to upload preprogrammed tunes to the Cobra? I already have the SCT 4-bank chip in that car. Will I have to remove it?

    I decided to see if I could play with it a little on my '02 GT, but when I went to the custom tune menu it kept saying "see dealer locater at".

    Never had a handheld tuner before, so I'm having a tough time figuring this thing out. :-/

    My main question here is as stated above: can I at least use this thing to upload tunes to the Cobra, and if so, does this require removal of the 4-bank chip I already have installed?
  2. its not compatible with our cars. Its made for OBD2. plus i think it locks on to the vin you used it on untill you return the tune to stock and unlock the vin.

    I think.
  3. Yeah. The place I bought it from does refunds, so I'm gonna go ahead and send it back.
  4. If this is an X3 3000 made after 07/25/08, then it is a blank custom tuning device with space for up to three custom tunes. The message saying "see dealer locater at" indicates that no tunes have been saved to this device.