Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. i used it and my car smoked for like 2 months..wont ever use it again(i fallowed all the instructions)
  2. How much did you add? :shrug:
    My car smoked for like 5 min, along with a freinds car.
    The guy at autozone said that he uses it on every car he works on, including all of his. Also said that his mechanic freind does it to cars with high mileage, without a problem.....ever....
  3. WHen you say it goes through the PCV pipe, so do you remove the pipe that connects to the PCV valve on the valve cover and connect it to the seafoam bottle? I guess I dont understand that part. Thanks
  4. :hail2: thank you for helping the thread.

    Thats basicly the same exact thing that my car did *but mine is a 99*. First 5-8 min was like that smoke, maybe alil heavier....past that was only hard revs resulting in smoke.

    As for how to add it....pull the entire valve out from you valve cover, and use it to suck it right outta the bottle.
  5. There is always someone who muffs it, so its probably the products fault. Like the guys who can mess up their car with a clay bar!! This stuff is widely recommended all over the web on different forums because it is that good. If it smoked that long you either didnt change your oil right after doing it so it kept going through your system or you just had that much crud in your car, but I would put $$ on the first one even though you will probably deny it.
  6. That video is dead on. It will smoke like hell, then after driving for around 20 minutes the smoke should all but stop. You might see a very very light smoke after that for the next day or so but it's normal.

    I ran the first can through and it smoked like mad. I ran another can through the next day and it didn't smoke near as much. The engine runs much smoother.

    I hooked a small vacuum hose up where the fitting is for the lines that control the A/C. It's the fitting with the two small red hoses right next to the throttle body.

    I also put a can in the gas tank.

    I won't put it in the crankcase. If the engine has high miles there could be buildupo in the engine. The Seafoam will turn the buildup into a sludge and flow to the pan. Once it's there there is the possibility of it clogging up the oil pump pickup. So, if you do this watch the oil pressure very carefully. I've seen more than a few cars have this happen when people use the CD-2 engine cleaner and the Seafoam will work the same way. it won't always happen but the possibility is there. Not trying to make anyone nervous, just throwing it out there FYI.
  7. Alright guys apparently I'm just ****ing retarded or something but I still dont understand were u put this stuff in it. Somebody want to take a picture of there engine bay and put an arrow pointing to where u put the seafoam stuff in at. I would appreciate that.
  8. Hah, I'm in the same boat as you. It sounds like it makes sense but, I don't want to be that jack ass who comes back to the board saying I screwed up my car doing something completely idiotic to it.
  9. Since when did guys at Autozone make enough money to have multiple care? :bs:
  10. Now thats what i call bug repellant
  11. Im will yall I would like a picture of where to put this stuff i would some how screw it up.
  12. lol, im assuming this is sarcastic. He is actually pretty up on the chain there, might be store he isnt exactly rich, but making more then average cashier. Plus he made it sound like "all his cars" over the years... As this stuff has been around for awhile.
  13. Sounds like a good product, and I only have one question. What is the main difference between using it through the vac line vs. putting it in your tank?

    Edit: Gonna use it on my '94 Ranger.
  14. Wondering the same thing. I have 40,000 on my car, so I was thinking about using it as well.
  15. You can put it through both. The gas tank method will clean out your injectors and fuel system. The vacumm line will clean the carbon and gunk out of the comb. camber and the top of the pistons. I Suggest you put half in the tank and half in the vac line.
  16. Thanks, :nice:
  17. He is 100% correct.
  18. No offense - but, are you a Micro$oft system administrator ? Just curious...
  19. We took off the line that connects the intake to the valve cover and go no suction at all. Poured about 1/3 the bottom of saefoam into that line that leads to the intake and let it sit for about 8 minutes. Fired it back up and got no smoke at all. After a quick drive around the street we noticed a little puddle near the filter. Why isnt the seafoam being sucked into the intake?