Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. Unless you know what you are doing I would STOP experimenting. You run a huge risk of hydro-locking the motor if you manage to get enough fluid into the combustion chamber.

    Links have already been posted where you can find out how to do this. Here are the instructions from SeaFoam.

    You can use the PCV line, just disconnect it from the PCV valve and put it in there. MAKE SURE TO DO IT SLOWLY as you want to make sure it gets burned and doesn't hydro-lock the motor.
  2. Ok yea thats instructions on how to do it but shows no examples or pictures explaining where the parts are. Hence why I asked for somebody to post a picture of were to put it in. I know how to do it I just need to know where the parts are located at on the motor. BTW that site u posted is useless.
  3. I should try this on my parents 97 Voyager which has over 100k :D
  4. Just my opinion but, if you don't know where the PCV valve is than you probably shouldn't be trying this. I would hate to see a post the next day asking why your motor won't start.

    Really the method you are trying is used when you are having problems. If you just want to clean the motor you are far better off just putting it into the fuel tank. The effect is the same, it just takes longer.
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  5. This should help.

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  6. I really hope this is my PCV valve...I checked it for vacuum pressure and it was a vacuum line for sure. Just hope it's the PCV valve!

  7. What does the blue's hard to read?
  8. For those who cannot read, like me, the blue text says "pull this line"
  9. It reads, " Pull this line".
  10. Ok thats what I thought the PCV valve was and thats were we were putting it but the line has no vaccum is it suppose to? We pulled that line off then then poured the seafoam into the PCV line while the car was still running. BTW it wasent trying to stall out at all even when we were adding the seafoam it ran just like normal. So we poured the seafoam in there, then turned if off let it sit for about 10 minutes then went back out and no white smoke. Now that we have the picture we definetely poured the seafoam in the PCV line. There are two other vaccumm lines that connect to the intake and both of those have vaccumm because we tried pulling both of those off and when we did each one the engine died. Is there any difference between 99-mid01 and mid01-04?
  11. Where did you pull the line from. You Should have vacumm. Did you pull the right side out. Pull out the side that connects to the PCV valve Not the manifold side
  12. Yes we pulled out the side that connects to the PCV valve. We pulled out the side that is on the valve cover. We did not pull out the intake side. Were u circled and wrote pull line that is were we pulled from and poured into that line.
  13. What year is the car? Sounds like a later model that has the PCV valve on the passenger side cam cover. Early models have the PCV valve on the drivers side and the fresh air vent on the passenger side, on later models it is reversed. Follow the line that you pulled, where does it lead? On my 2001 GT the PCV valve is on the passenger side.
  14. Its an 02 and yea I'm pretty sure the PCV valve is on the passgenger side valve cover because we get suction from that one but not from the other one. We put a little bit into the other one and tried it and then it was rough on start up like people said it would be but we only put in a little bit since the other side did nothing. We let it sit for 5 minutes or so and went out but still no smoke, I think we just didn't use enough for something but we didn't get any smoke at all even when we used the passenger side valve cover.
  15. On an '02 the PCV valve is on the passenger side, the driver side is where fresh air enters from the air tube coming from the airbox. That is why the SeaFoam wound up in your airbox instead of the motor.

    Make sure you put the SeaFoam in SLOWLY. You shouldn't need any more than 1/3 ro 1/2 the can.
  16. That would have been nice to know earlier. Here's another question I have a 96 GT that is PI headswapped with 00 heads will mine be on the driver side?
  17. Another question, when you pull the PCV line off the valve it wants to die on you right away. How do you keep it running so that you can pour in the seafoam do you have to keep revving it so that it wont die?
  18. It looks like 2000 heads have the PCV valve on the passenger side as well. I would have a helper in the car holding the idle to about 1000 rpm. You don't want to rev it too high. Lastly a lot of people suggest that you change your oil with 500 miles of using any kind of intake cleaner as a good bit of it does wind up in the oil.
  19. I've got a 98...PCV valve is on the drivers side? Also...I poured it in, AND YES, THE LINE HAD VACUUM PRESSURE, and like Sick96Stang, no struggle to stay alive. I also pulled another line from the intake and the car just died. So now that I know where my PCV valve is, and know that it doesn't accept the Seafoam, where do I put it? Thanks a bunch!
  20. how often can you use seafoam? How often would you guys recommend using it.

    ...and WHEN should you use it? When there is like 60k+ miles on the car?