Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. Nope not brown it's a sexy dark blue complete with blue interior, it's smurftastic. I call it the lunch box on wheel or Pimp Van. :cool: It's acutally really comfortable, sit uphigh and have a good view of the road, the drivers seat is a captain chair so it's like I'm piloting my own Starship Enterprise :shrug:. 167K on the clock gets about 20 mpg (better then my Stang) keep the miles and salt off the Mustang so I'm happy. Parents passed it down to me once my mom got her RAV, can't say it would be my pick but the "price" was right.

    Sexy isn't it :rlaugh:

    Think this was what you were thinking with the Brown Van, these were the original lunch box.
  2. man, i wouldn't mind the brown one as a winter daily driver. Anyone seen any for sale? It'll feel so, "That's So 70's"!
  3. ah hahahahahaha!!!!!!

    That's the exact image I had in mind. I think they only came in brown ... good stuff :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  4. You'd have to call it "The Shaggin' Wagon"
  5. Sweet I was out filling the Pimp Van with washer fluid and decided to really look for a place to add the sea foam. Against the firewall in the back I found the vaccum hose for the brake booster, woo hoo. So for the Mustang I did 2 batches, one was a 30 mintue wait after putting in the seafoam and the second was 10-15 mintues. How long do you all like to wait??
  6. I'm impatient so whenever I do it, I wait like 10 mins.
  7. :banana: pr0n r0x0rz my b0x0rz 0ff! :banana:
  8. So i finally used seafoam today!!! Last night i was reading the thread and it made me go out and buy some today. I must say, it works like a charm. Felt like the day i bought it brand new, actually even better. And i have 35,000 miles on it. It was a **** find the PVC valve though...took forever. But i finally found it. Then we did it to my friends 2002 v6, and his smoked way more. I think i didnt put enough of it in. I only used a cup of the stuff... 1/4 of the bottle.... if that.
  9. I <3 success stories :) Especially Seafoam success stories.
  10. i finally got me a bottle today... i put sum in the pcv valve... i didnt see any smoke, so i took a straw and stuck in in a throttle bottie hose.. then i got tons of smoke wen i restarted it.. I then dummped the rest in the gas tank... i dont feel like i noticed a difference though. What am i looking for?
  11. Better throttle response, and smoother idle. Some may not notice a difference.
  12. Wakey wakey, hands off snakey!!
  13. Whats that? you sea foaming?
  14. No, I see foaming ;) :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  15. So what is this "Sea Foam" stuff and how do I use it?

    Will this thread ever die?
  16. OK i just spent the last hour reading this entire thread...BUT...(ya I know here it comes) What if you do this right after an oil change, like 4 days ago, I didnt here about this stuff 'till someone revived the thread... and was wondering will it harm or help the engine, since I just did the oil change and want to run Sea foam now...SORRY TO BEAT A DEAD HORSE guys !
  17. As long as you don't put any into your oil, you should be alright.
  18. I've used it in the oil on all my cars. No probs. It did a great job stabilizing my boats gas over the winter too, and will probably help clean her up.:nice:
  19. Haha the thread that never ends. After I used Seafoam in my pimp van I also used it in my dad's Corolla, it's been about 2-3 months I'd say. Last week he told me he has picked up 2 MPG with no other changes other then the usual oil change. Seems the Seafoam really worked in his case, he has 200K+ miles on it.
  20. Muahahhahahaha! NEVARRRRRRRRR!

    Free post :banana:

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