Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. Badunkadunk butt.
  2. Two months without a Seafoam post????
  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. people make sure that when their seafoam they let the hose just skim/sip the fluid out of a cup letting a couple air breaks. you will get better effect by letting it sip it for 2-3 mins.(assuming doind this through pcv or brake booster) rather than just letting it chug it up all at once and shutting pff/killing the motor......and firing it back up, this also helps the whole hydrolocking myth...
    seafoam THREAD TILL I DIE>>>
  5. This never happened to me :shrug: .. I was inside the cabin and the RPM's just went up to about 3K for a minute.. Then I decided enough was in and shut her down.
  6. i personally put in half the can myself :nice:
  7. Just seafoamed the car. After reading this thread, I had to try it, and the chance to piss off the neighbors with smoke was too good to pass. I'm uploading a video to my computer now, I'll host and post later. I'm looking forward to the ride to work, I'm interested to see if I get any better feel. This is a 37k mile GT with the mods in my sig. I got a little smoke the first run of seafoam, then did it again with 1/3 a can, and boom, big smoke. WOOT for seafoam! I wish I knew about this stuff when I had my 302, that would have benefited big time!
  8. Is this thread immortal or something...? It never dies! :nonono:
  9. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!! Seafom thread is back.
  10. Seafoam is the cure for cancer. And aids. And it will bring about world peace.
  11. Haha, I guess I'm the latest one responsible for bringing it back. I kept seeing these "seafoam vid" posts, and wanted to know more. By the time I was done reading, I was headed for autozone, seafoaming my motor, and yes, making a vid. WOO WOO seafoam. I wonder though, can I use this stuff when I put my roots blower on? I'd think so, and I'd think that getting all the crud and buildup out of the screws that you find in throttle bodies and such would be nice from time to time.
  12. You should not have crud in your blower unless either:

    A) You're using an inferior Dino-oil that's vaporizing under the heat


    B) Your setup is exchanging oil with your crank case

    I use a straight 50 weight synthetic in my KB (when I can find it) or a synthetic 20-50 (when I can't). Because there is no combustion taking place in the blower, the oil comes out clean. I swap blower oil every other engine oil change.

    I wouldn't recommend putting oil additives into your blower unless you've checked with the manufacturer to ensure that the lubrication characteristics of the additive are ok for your blower to run... especially on self-contained units.
  13. Guess I'll be the first to say that all seafoam did was turn my money into smoke.

    It was still worth it for the smoke.


    I ran a can in my Explorer. It fouled a plug which is ok since I was changing them anyway. Couldn't really notice any difference otherwise.

    Ran a can in my brother's truck with 190,000 miles I think. Didn't make any difference but it ran prettty well before.

    Ran a can in my mustang engine and in my turbo bike engine. The mustang engine was taken apart a couple thousand miles later. The bike engine was taken apart right after. I could tell no difference in cleanliness from any other unseafomed engines I took apart.



    As much as I'd like for it to exist, there's no miracle liquid. Without taking the engine apart, the best way to clean the combustion chamber is with methanol/water injection :)

    The temporary smooth running effects of seafoam is just from it sealing the rings/lowering your octane rating till it burns off.
  14. just seafoamed my truck over the weekend.. super duper!

    orange ja glad i didnt say bananna?
  15. even if it dosent do anything......... it worth the smoke show:D
  16. Sweet vid man! :lol:
  17. QFT... and it's cheaper than burnouts :SNSign: