Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. justa seafoamed the 02' LOL great smoke show but I used the entire bottle, hope it didnt hurt anything since everyone is using half the bottle.
  2. :lol: how about 30 pages Gearbanger?! :canada:
  3. I will try the seafoam again this afternoon. I WANT A SMOKESHOW. I watched the guys video a few posts up - rolling through the neighborhood with smoke billowing out of the car HAHAHA. Did you see the PT LOOSER slam on the brakes before driving intot he smoke cloud? I'll try putting it in via suction on a straw directly to the PCV valve as opposed to pulling the PCV valve and pouring it in via long neck funnel. Also put some in the gas tank. Not much smoke from either at all.
  4. Indeed....what astounds me further still, is that you went back to the beginning and read through them all. ;)

    Did you warm the vehicle up to operation temperature first? Not only will that create more of the effect you're looking for, but it will do a better job of loosening up the carbon and sludge deposits in your engine. I would recommend an oil change after all is said and done though. If that stuff is strong enough to chemically separate baked on carbon from steel in a matter of moments, just imagine what it could do to your bearings and seals long term? :eek:
  5. Yep, put it in after the drive home from work. I removed my PCV valve from the valve cover and inserted a long neck funnel and poured in maybe 4 ounces. I'll try it with the straw method and I'll be a bit more generous this time around.
  6. couldn't get the straw method to work - kept bending the straw when attached directly to the PCV valve. I unplugged PCV valve while engine was running, put in the long neck funnel and very slowly poured in about 6 ounces. Let the car sit for 10 minutes. No smoke. Any ideas?
  7. Well, after spending a couple hours catching up on this thread, I figured I'd give it a shot too. Went out and got 2 bottles today (one for the tank, split the other between oil and pcv valve, I'm going to try the full course). I'll try to do it sometime this weekend, hopefully get a video of it.
  8. Well its that time of year again to do mine ill post the pics or vid of it this time.
  9. YOU- wont believe this


    I've been reading this thread for...I dunno....a year...

    I'm going to answer alot of questions........

    A customer of mine....well anyway, we made a deal....

    I'm the new owner of a 1986 Mustang GT 5.0l

    This car is rough...I would post pics of the spark plugs but chances are most of you just ate. :puke:

    Its got high mileage, and it sat in a snowbank for the last few does have hedmann headers, flowmaster exhuast, kenny brown subframe connectors, a bbk throttle body and a hurst shifter though :rolleyes:

    The timing was so far off...and I removed 2 plastic bags of wires, and found accel wiring and coil...okie doke.

    Its runs like a cow...not good...I suspect the heads need to be re-worked...


    Forget the T-shirts, (well, actually I'll take one)
    Forget the criticism
    Forget the Paint, mags, bad wiring,
    Forget the worn out tires and brakes....


    I'm going to DYNO this car....before...then right after SEAFOAM!!!!!
    It's the perfect candidate....and I can't wait....its great!!!
    and that rhymed? (sorry) :shrug:

    But I do have 2 problems...

    1. The how-to videos in this thread...yes, I clicked all of em, are dead...or my computer cant read I need detailed instructions for this exact beast so I dont screw it up since I have only 1 chance with the dyno...

    2. I live in Quebec Canada where seafoam, is simply not allowed as some friends from other provinces can attest to...
    Therefore, I need a wonderful volunteer to mail me up a bottle...I'll send ya a check or whatever to cover it....

    My only concern is, that after my test...the thread will die :nonono:

    So....any takers? Lemme know and I'll send you my mailing address...

  10. Oh, my god! Will this thread ever die!!!! (Sea Foam is the ****zle) Haha!!!! :rlaugh:
  11. Really though....I can't wait

  12. This is not tech so I moved it back to talk.
  13. I'm thinking about foaming the car again....
  14. muhahahahahaha.
  15. Seafoam will make you famous.:hail2:
  16. I can't find any Seafoam in the UK... I'm gonna go through withdrawls!
  17. seafoam will make your neihbors think that your a ****ty mechanic
  18. seafoam lives on.!!!

    ive used this product on my g/f's ford explorer for about 2 years now. Guys, i stand by this product. the truck currently has 50k miles and feels like the day we took it out the dealer. FYI, i just put it in the fuel tank everytime.:shrug:
  19. Now its time to put it on my stang. I got 50k on it and im going to put it through the pcv hose like everyone in the earlier pages. Im a lil scared but i know the outcome will be great..:D