Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. I've seen some Seafoam videos on youtube and they seem to work. Unfortunately, I'm just under the impression that it wouldn't work for me.(not with my luck). But, I'm still considering using it. A friend of mine used it on his 04GT and gave me a can that was about 1/2 full. He said it worked for him. I have a 99 cobra with 92k on the odo. If I were to use Seafoam successfully what should I expect?
  2. well, i dont think that half a can in the fuel tank would hurt any. try it, you should see some type of results. use it like if it was the fuel treatment you buy from the autoparts. im trying it on my gt for the first time through the pcv valve. i just dont know to change he fuel filter first or just leave the old on in there before i dump a hole can in the fuel the way, i think our fuel tanks are 15 gallons? correct me if im wrong...:shrug:
  3. Yeah, you're correct. Well 15.7 gallons if you wanna get pacific.
  4. jus did the same thing plus changed the plugs and man can u tell the difference! :hail2::hail2: runs and revs way better....seemed a little sluggish before but its deff awake now! i would recomend 2 anyone! :flag:
  5. Keep your evil AMSOIL away from the holiness of the SEAFOAM thread!
  6. The seafoam thread lives on :)
  7. Oh no, ...its not evil my friend..

    BTW, I didn't post that up to start a Seafoam vs Amsoil war...just thought you would like to see it...

  8. I use SeaFoam as a fuel stabilizer in my snow blower and lawn mower tanks. It works very well as a fuel stabilizer in addition to its other uses.
  9. :eek: teh seafoam is back.
  10. i guess the thread will never die :rlaugh:

    but.. i do have to agree with the title.
  11. Do we need a Sea Foam Fan Club?:shrug: I'll buy a shirt w/ the underwear!:D
  12. :popcorn:............. I hope this thread never dies
  13. I want to help keep this thread alive :)

    i just used some seafoam on my jeep. cleared it up pretty well. im going to put some in my stang tonight muahahahahahaha i cant wait.
  14. Thanks for the info. guys. I found the hose that connects to the pcv valve but I can not get that hose off. I tried for 1/2 hr to pull that hose off and nothing.
  15. Pry against the end of the hose with a flat head screw driver. Pulling on it just makes it tighter, like a chinese finger trap...
  16. I went a different route, I took off the small red hose so I could get some of the seafoam in the TB. Worked great, and awesome smoke screen!
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