Seafoam is teh *****!

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  2. I can't believe a thread about Seafoam went 3-pages. :rlaugh:

  3. It has not spanned 3 pages depends on your settings (how you view the forums).
  4. I'm not quite sure I understand. You said your PCV valve is on the drivers side and you get vacuum pressure from it but it had no struggle to stay alive? If you had vaccum pressure it should have wanted to die right away when you pulled the line off the valve. You said u already tried pouring the sea foam into the PCV line and it didn't work?
  5. We just need some pics of actually putting it in
  6. well the PCV valve is in different locations on different years. I think basically just try pulling both the lines that go from your valve covers to your intake and see which one makes the car die and thats the one you put it in. Or check both of them for vaccum pressure if it has vaccumm pressure it should work also.

  7. Ummm, that could get graphic.......... Oh, you meant the seafoam!

  8. Lol yea of the seafoam

    But i see your pushing for sonic to post some :D Im with ya there

  9. It'll never happen :(


  10. :damnit:
  11. I placed my thumb over it when I pulled the line loose. After a few seconds, I pulled my thumb away and I heard a "psssssssssss." This would mean that it is sucking, right? It didn't want to die when I first pulled it out.

  12. :stupid: ...........stop being such post whores lol :rlaugh:

  13. Takes one to know one, baby! :hail2:
  14. *winks* that's right! :rlaugh:
  15. Ok guys, this is a pic of my drivers side Valve cover, the PCV valve is right across from that on the passenger side valve cover. So, with the PCV valve in place, all I do is remove the hose connecting to the PCV valve and pour the Seafoam in that hole is that correct?

    Hope this is clear.haha

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  16. This is the hose from the upper plenum/IAC leading to the PCV valve on the passanger side. The PCV valve is located under the black air intake tube so its hard to take a picture of.

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  17. A video would be nice :(
  18. yea a video will be nice, but dont have access to do that did the photo help at all?
  19. A video and how about mommy to hold your hand while you do it. Personally I think if you can't find your PCV valve you probably shouldn't even be trying this. Take it to the dealer and let them do it.

    You would think you were attempting brain surgery here :shrug:

    Call Talk2DIY Automotive, maybe they will make a video for you guys :rolleyes:,2044,DIY_14310,00.html