Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. Seafoam really woke my car up! It now idles better and the exhaust not is even different now and it revs like crazy now. Excellent product and will definetely use on all of my cars from here on out.
  2. Great news! :nice:
  3. Woke my baby up. was really funny how much it smoke out the block. lol
  4. Felt like it woke my car up, but then I lost 9mpg! Car runs strong as hell but I guess it is possible I still managed to foul a plug?
  5. Either that or since it was running stronger, you dogged on it a little more and that is what killed you mpg's:shrug:
  6. jesus. I'm on page 11 of this thread and just had to comment. this is a long thread. I'm coming back later to finish.
  7. Woo hoo someone bumped the SeaFoam thread, EVERYBODY DRINK! :banana:
  8. Twisted my arm... Drinking now. Seafoam on the rocks. MMMmmm
  9. I've been reading this thread (well not all of it that would take a while) and it seems like seafoam is awesome and I want to try it out this weekend, but I just wanted to clear some things up real quick. from what I've read putting 1/3 into the gas tank, 1/3 into the engine, and 1/3 into the brake booster and I would be set, is this correct? Also I watched a video of a guy do it to his jeep online and he said it makes the oil thicker and that i should change the oil within a couple hundred miles. Well I just changed mine last week so I'm guessing this would mean I would need to change it again if I seafoamed my car?
  10. well, it may be all groovy for you all, but never, ever, ever will I pour solvent into any of my cars. But I'm glad you all like it so well. Different strokes for everyone of us I guess.
  11. Well your 2000 GT does not have a brake booster. I usually use 1/2 can aspirated in PVC, 1/2 can in oil, and 1 can in gas tank. If I add it to the oil I change the oil within 100 miles. I do this to loosen up crap in crankcase and make it drain out better with the oil change.

    You can do any of these procedures individually, adding some to the gas is the easiest one to do you just pour it in.

    It is good to have a helper working the throttle when you are aspirating it into the PVC line if you do that. Putting it in the PVC is where you get the big smoke show and the most significant change in engine and throttle response.

    If you just changed the oil I would suggest waiting until you hit 3000 miles or so on that oil and then do the SeaFoam all three ways.
  12. alright sweet ill do that then, thanks for the help!:nice:
  13. Hello all, first post :nice: just wanted to know how long does the smoking last; minutes, hours, days. I know it depends on how dirty the motor is; but.. my car is my daily driver. :shrug: wouldn't want to blow smoke on anyone. :(

  14. Welcome to :SNSign:

    It should only smoke for the amount of time it takes you to rev it out. I did it in my driveway, smoke lasted maybe five minutes at most.
  15. Thanks! :nice:
  16. seafoam is awesome! :nice:
  17. ****ing noobs :nonono:!
  18. I just put seafoam through my pcv valve and I didn't get any magic white smoke. :( Oh well. It does seem to idle a little smoother but I cant tell for sure, or if it's just my mind wanting to think it does. It never had any problems I just figured that at over 150k it could use a little cleaning inside the engine. Maybe the previous owner just took really good care of it. I do run 91 octane and when I first bought it I changed all the fluids and put Lucas injector cleaner in it. Who knows? I was kinda looking forward to seeing a bunch of white smoke, but maybe it just means my cylinders are real clean.
  19. I put Seafoam in my 97 F150 with 123K. I had no issues before, light smoke show, no difference in idle, or performance. Luckily it's cheap.
  20. I registered just for this thread. I have used teh stuff in my Jeep and truck for years. It's teh greatest; just like this tehread.

    All other tehreads must bow down and realize; Seafoam is teh ****zzznite.

    (signing out, probably won't post any more, just wanted to be part of such epicness.)
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