Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. ROFL...

    I read through prolly 20 of these pages, just wondering if anyone has noticed anything negative about Seafoam after they've used it ( when used correctly ).

  2. Never - they say it can foul your plugs, but I beg to differ. I've only done it twice, and always before an oil change. Put it in the gas tank, crank case, and then let it pull through the vacuum lines into the intake.
  3. As was said many moons ago by a mod on this site :

    "those in the know don't use it..."

    Beware the "mechanic in the can" - heh
  4. what!? one year and no posts in this thread? Ill get on that.
  5. I guess people finally ran outta Seafoam stories :shrug:. Onward and upward to the Plasti Dip thread!!! :D
  6. So.... On a bullitt, which hose would I use? The one going to the front right corner of the intake or the one going to the back of the intake?
  7. Nevermind, used the pipe coming off of the PCV to back of plenum. Got a little smoke afterwards but no smoke show. Does seem to be peppier though.
  8. Sounds like I need to try some Seafoam! :nice: Sounds like hp in a can to me! :track:

    My only worry is my car smoking the next 2 months. :shrug:
  9. I used 1/2 a can. Only had just a small puff of smoke on test drive afterwards. Lasted about 5 secs.
  10. i put about a 1/4 can in the tank and the rest in the IAC it smoked like a b**** for like 10 minutes of driving it was fun, and then it went away no negative effects though, made the engine feel healthier, but idk
  11. Seafoam day tomorrow!
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  12. Teh seafoam thread can never die!
  13. I remember my first Seafoam.
  14. Speaking of Jeeps, that's where I first used mine. I think there's a pretty epic Seafoam on JeepForum as well. Hell, any big car forum as a Seafoam thread by now I'm sure.
  15. Yup, and Plastidip. Although teh Stangnet was the first place I saw a Plastidip thread.
  16. I just Seafoamed and it made me think of this thread. I figured it could use a little recovering...
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  17. Gonna do this today on my 97 cobra... Piss the neighbors off while they're walking to church (Utah Mormon thing...). I guess they already hate me enough when I have a loud 5.0, and 5 other people here with loud cars all the time.
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