Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. I once got some on my shoe when I was out picking up shells from the beach. My shoe didn't smoke but I did have a clean spot on it. :nice:
  2. Has anyone used the new Seafoam Spray?
  3. Seafoam is the :poo:!! I used it on my stock 68k 97 cobra, felt like I picked up 15 hp.
  4. Lilbrex where did you add the seafoam into the intake? I have no plans of adding to the oil but I have a sticking IMRC so before I pull the intake, if I can find a controller, I thought I would try the seafoam. Looks like the pcv line wouldn't evenly distribute the cleaner. pictures and details would be great. thanks
  5. Take the hose off the pcv valve but leave it connected to the intakes dump a half can of seafoam into a red solo cup. I just revved the engine to 2k, sucked it in as fast as possible. Then shut it off right away, let it sit about 20 minutes, fire it up, rev to about 2500 for 15 seconds, then drive WOT. It will smoke like a son of a b if its your first time doing it. Then drive for about 20 minutes.

    I'm having imrc issues too, says my bank 1 imrc is sticking closed.
  6. Seafoam!
    When you have a light skip
    When you feel its dragging bad
    When you need more mpg
    And you're tired of being sad
  7. yes, works about the same as using the brake booster line. unless of course your throttle body is a mess. then it works even better.
  8. Koolaid is still rapent among the forums!

    "I picked up 20hp"

  9. Have you guys heard of this stuff called Seafoam! OH EM GEE!
  10. Jeezers...8 years, 2 months and 1 day...and this thread STILL hasn't died!!! I predict that it will LIVE FOREVER!!!!!!!!
  11. So do i need to change my oil after I Seafoam my motor?
  12. I've always used it about 500 miles before my oil change. However, after further research, I've found a little more information:

  13. Read the back of the can. It will tell you that you can use it as both a treatment (leaving it in until next oil change) and a flush (draining it with the oil). This thread is like a billion years old and I don't have time to read through 832 posts to see if anyone actually posted "Read the Bottle".

    Best of Luck.