Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. no. but thanks anyways =)
  2. I think there is complication because it is not very clear if you just remove the hose connecting to the PCV or to remove the PCV itselt and pour it down the valve cover. Some sort of complication there i think. But all you do is remove the hose that connects to the PCV and since its a vacuum hose it will suck up the seafoam. The other end of the hose connects to the upper plenum.
  3. So, what everyone is saying is to pull the hose connecting to the PCV Valve and pour it into the hose, not the PCV Valve that leads into the valve cover. It should be poured into the hose so it leads to the plenum or upper intake. Hope that helps.
  4. Exactly, and you dont really have to pour it either cause its a vacuum, it will suck it up into the upper plenum
  5. I'm still not understanding.
  6. Do you know what your Plenum looks like or what it is? If so, then look at the front of it while you are facing the car. On the front face of the plenum, at the lower right side of the front of it, there is a small tube coming straight out of it. Follow where that hose goes(to the top of one of your valve covers), then pull it off of what it is connected to(the PCV valve). Next, stick the end of the hose into the bottle(while the car is running) and it will start sucking the sea foam out of the bottle. The car will start to rev higher then as it sucks more it will sound like it is going to stall. When it does that pull the hose out for a few seconds so it can breath again. Keep doing this until you use up 1/3 or 1/4 of the bottle. Then shut off the car for at least 5 minutes. Start it back up, let it idle for a few minutes, then you can start lightly revving the car. The smoke won't come out right away, at least on mine it didn't. Then you can rev it up and hold it at a higher rpm and that will push all the junk out. Hope that helps.
  7. This is from before I had the PI headswap so my engine should look similar to yours. See the piping that I circled pull that off while your car is running. If the car dies then that is the right line to put it on. If the car doenst die then come on here and post again and I will take a different picture and circle the other line it should be.


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  8. After reading all the fuss about seafoam here, I went out yesterday and bought a bottle. For those of you having a difficult time finding a place to pour this stuff, take a look at your upper intake (plenum). Facing the plenum, there is a hose coming off on the bottom right corner that attaches to all the way over to the passenger side valve cover. Disconnect that hose where the rubber meets the plastic tube (about 2 inches from the plenum, and pour the seafoam in there. With the car on, there is enough vacuum on this line to suck the seafoam right out of the bottle, or do what I did and just pour it in. I'll post a picture if I requeted, but it's very easy so don't be intimidated by this simple task.
    Btw, I didn't experience as much smoke as some of you, but when I started to drive the car around it was definitely noticeable.


    Just as I typed this up somebody posts a pic. That exactly the tube I was talking about. :nice:
  9. 4 pages for seafoam....i may have to buy some...
  10. Wikkd explained it well. You have to follow the black tube from the upper plenum to the PCV and you actually pull the end of the tube thats connected to the PCV. Dont pull on the one that Sick96stang circle, just follow that tube until you get to the PCV.
  11. This is the hose I pulled in the first place...but the car died, so I didn't think it was right right hose. Oh well, time to go try again. Thanks a lot!
  12. If it dies right away then you might need someone to give it just enough gas to keep it from stalling. Mine came very close to stalling when I took it off, but it didn't. It did stall a couple of times while it was sucking up the sea foam.
  13. That's why the throttle body is right there by the hose ;) I just stuck a piece of cloth between the throttle body bolt (I'm guessing it's an idle adjuster...) and the plate that hits the bolt, and it kept alive well. I noticed a little smoke coming out while I was putting it in, so I think I got the right place this time! Thanks again guys.
  14. This is how I did it.

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  15. smoke afterwards

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  16. Can you explain the pics a what hose you used to do that with.
  17. :scratch: :scratch: :scratch:
  18. Nevermind :-D Here's some pics of mine.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A small cup, a straw, and a paper towel.
  19. Ok so ijust bought a bottle of this crap and i cant really tell much of a difference. I let it suck it up and then shut off the car. The waited 10-15 minutes, started her up and a big cloud of smoke came out, then hardly anything. I drove the hell out ofit and nothing. But it was sun to watch while it lasted even if nothings gained from it.