Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. Those hoses you guys are posting that your pouring that stuff into is not the PCV do realize that right? IMO you shouldnt put it into the PCV (unless its not liquid) because if its heavy enough it will run back into the filter. But if it doesnt, it would clean the TB. I just put a oil seperator inline on my PCV hose, so it may be a little tougher for me LOL. Hasnt cought any oil though, it will once I start romping on it again though LOL.
  2. Where would you put this on older carb cars, in the gas tank?
  3. Break booster line.
  4. I thought u were suppose to pull the PVC pipe out and let it suck up the seafoam/? Thats what the directions say on bottle. you are saying it should not be used in the PCV?
  5. I used Seafoam right after my oil separator install. I used the extra fuel line hose as the straw; wedged the can of seafoam between radiator and battery, ran the xtra hose from the intake into the can. There was a lot of smoke. Was fun actually. I smoked screened some kiddies who were on there bicycles and a few cars going down the road.
  6. I can't believe this thread still lives....
  7. It lives on because Seafoam is so great! :nice:

    Where've you been man? We had a "missing" thread posted about you. Check it out :rolleyes:
  9. Do not put it through the PCV valve. Put it through the hose that it connects to it and the upper plenum.
  10. Hmmmmmm... do you think maybe if I mixed some phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark paint in with the seafoam, I could make some glow in the dark smoke? That would be pretty sick flying down the highway. Those damn ricers think underbody neons are cool, wait till they see this I'll be like ":owned:"
  11. Snake Oil - why do we suddenly fell like we have to clean out the inside of our engines, especially by pouring some liquid crap into it? You'll likely do more harm then good, especially with older engines.
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  13. Damn....leave it to you to revive yet another thread that should have died a long time ago. :nonono:
  14. First attempt at seafoam, and NO smoke. Nothing happened. I was putting into the plenum where it connects to the tub that goes to the pcv.

    I dont know where I was supposed to put it.. but that seemed like the ONLY place i could find suction. It went in, and the car would rev to like three, and then try to die.. No smoke, nothing else happened.

    What was I doing wrong?
  15. did you turn the car off after you put in the seafoam and let it sit for 10mins or so?
  16. Yea, went back out there just a fe ago, cranked her up, and revved pretty high.. nothing. Either I have a completely carbon free 65k engine (lol) or something didnt work right. :p

    I have no friggin clue what to do. I'm going to put the rest in my damn gas tank.
  17. When i put the seafoam in my car, nothing happened either, but when i took it for a spin i was shifting at 6K and the smoke started to come out. and the car drove a lot better. Did you also make sure the car was hot when you put the seafoam in?
  18. Geez, amazing how one drive can change my mind.

    So no smoke, no visual signs.. but you can feel the difference. No lag when I put it into gear... 1-2 felt like I was ice skating and when i hit the gas, it WENT. Amazing product.
  19. ive used seafoam on every car i have ever had, i used to have a 90 rs camaro with a 305, i would put a can thru the throttle body every other oil change, it would smoke like hell for about 15 mins but it sure did make the car run better, its the best **** u can buy to clean the carbon out of ur engine, i wont buy anything else, i plan to use it in the stang once it gets some miles on it, i used seafoam and duralube in my camaro and they are some of the best products ive used on a car, i used to constantly burn the tires of the camaro redline it, it had 260k miles on it when my girlfriend wrecked it it never used oil and didnt smoke, so if that tells u anything these are good products