Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. i cant believe most of u people havent heard of it, its way better than gumout or stp, and the dude who used it and car smoked for 2 months yeah thats not good i guess all the carbon in ur motor was keeping the oil from seeping in lol, napa for sure carries it and most advance autos do, you can use it in anything operated by fuel, lawnmowers, 4wheelers, diesels, etc
  2. you love it! :D
  3. I would not use it it is no good sounds like other products called runrite and JB emmisions the chemicals in that stuff have ammonia which eats away at your engine and seals and it also ruins your 02 sensor and your cats just get a bottle of chevron fuel injector cleaner thats all you need stay away from seafoam.
  4. back from the ashes :jester:

  5. teh seafoam thread will neva die :hail2:
  6. i use it, and it definatly works. i put 1/2 a bottle in right before the engine rebuild and when i brought the motor too the machinest he said he never saw an engine with 40k so clean. now i use it before every oil change
  7. Did you pour the 1/2 bottle in the Oil fill or through the upper intake?
  8. may give it a shot
  9. i used it every place they said to on the bottle. in the gas, through the intake and in the crankcase.
  10. I just used it in my fox and it worked awesome. It revs so smooth it almost feels like a mod motor. The car smoked and smoked, My chevy-lovin neighbor actually came outside to see what was going on, he gave me one look and started to walk back in his house but I could read his lips and I believe he said piece of **** Ford. Lol I didn't care I was so impressed with the results.
  11. *blows off cobwebs on thread* The seafoam lives!!
  12. And back it comes again, the thread that will not die!
  13. At least someone searched and didn't post up a new one, so let's not flame too bad!
  14. The smoke from the Seafoam is the best. Use it when the neighbors are out on the street I say :nice:
  15. Mosquito deterrent.
  16. I've run this stuff several times through my wife's Jeep.. and I've never gotten any smoke unless I pour it in to the crank case. I let the brake booster hose suck about half the bottle because of how hard the vacuum is. That just sucks it in to the intake manifold and cleans the gunk out of there. Then I kill it and dump about 1/2 of what's left in the crankcase, to clean up the valves (at least on one side,) and then pour the other little bit in the gas tank.

    Only ailment it has is low oil pressure at hot idle, but I doubt seafoam can fix worn bearings.
  17. i thought about giving this a try a while back when i read this thread, but do i really need it? my car only has 23k on it. i mean if it will help then, i'll do it. but i dont want to waste my $$$ or time ya know?
  18. BOOM! It's alive again!

    Is it bad to use seafoam too often? I wanna do it again. That smoke show was sooooo awesome.
  19. I use it myself. I was having a problem with pinging when I advanced my timing. I ran a bottle of this stuff and I was able to max out my timing with my predator.
    I didn't get a lot of smoke the first time I used it. I let the vacuum pull it in slowly because I didn’t know what to expect. The second time I revved the engine throughout the process and turned the car off for 5 mins. Turned it back on and BAMM! Smoke everywhere. I was a little nervous because I was doing this in the back of the autozone parking lot. :rlaugh: When I THOUGHT it was all done I took off out of the lot made my turn hit the gas and BAMM! Smoke all over again.
    It didn't improve anything that second time, at least that's the way it seems to me. Just made a lot of smoke. I will probably use it before every oil change but no sooner.
    A friend of mine with a 95GT uses it as well. His car has 180k+ miles. It would ping horribly under load. He used two bottles. :D . It cured his pinging right up. It has started pining again recently so it doesn't seem to clear everything up. He is going to use it every oil change as well because he is worried about opening up a leak somewhere since his mileage is so high. :flag: