Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. :stupid:
  2. Looks like I will visit the local autozone soon :D
  3. HAHAHA - that just reminds me of one or two of my Chevy friends! If my tires' air pressure is 2 lbs too high, one will comment something stupid like that.

    I'm going to have to get some, I'm at 75K miles!
  4. This thread is from the Jurassic era.....
  5. Might as well get some free posts off of it while we can. I need to change my oil soon. Yippee.

  6. Wow that sounds excessive
  7. can i just put it in my fuel tank?
  8. lets not end the thread this easy

    seafoam is teh best
  9. Yes, but you won't get the benefits most everyone else get if you only put it in the tank. You really need to run it through the BB line and pour some in the crankcase to get the full benefits (and the smoke.)
  10. my oil change is due tomorrow. I am going to get a bottle in the morning and pour it in the oil crankcase and drive it a few hours and then take it to get an oil change in the evening. That should help out
  11. On my 01, I sucked up up through the hose that runs from the tb/plenum to the passenger side valve cover, I presume I did it right because smoke came out :)

    Ayway... it feels much smoother, especially on startup.
  12. oh boy, here it goes again...

    but - how would you use this stuff with a carb'd engine? I'd like to do this to my '66 that has an '80 302 engine when I get a new battery, it's bout time for an oil change and I'm sure it could use some seafoam in the engine and definitly in the gas tank... just to kick it up a notch.
  13. You answered your own question in one post. :D
    Crankcase or gas tank are two viable options.
  14. Sorry - it's been a long day.. but, how do I get it in the crankcase? I have an edelbrock 1405 (electric choke) carb, do I unhook one of the vacuum hoses in the front to suck it up there? My EFI is getting so close I can taste it, just need header tank & pumps, gaskets and a new ignition system and she'll be ready to rumble. I might take the engine apart when I go to install the EFI to check everything, I'd like to see how this seafoam really does! (I know last time I had a head off they were looking kinda black!)
  15. For carbed cars, you're supposed to run it through the brake booster line. Or any other vacuum line should work.

    How to get it in the crankcase? Simply pour Seafoam through the oil filler neck.
  16. Man I feel like an idiot - that's simple. I need to clock out and go home for the night. Thanks guys!
  17. just picked up a bottle and poured it through the pcv line that attaches to the plenum. i wedged a folded piece of paper between the idle screw and the throttle to keep her idling, cause she would die as soon as i started her up. i poured i half a bottle and the engine actually wanted to rev harder the more i put in, which was weird, considering everyone said it would want to die if i poured it in... maybe i did it wrong, i dunno.. we'll see in about an hour when i crank her up...

    Update: I let it sit for 40 minutes and... I didnt get a whole lot of smoke. No realy noticeable difference in driveability... I think maybe i did it wrong. I think i put it in the right valve, but took too long to put it in b/c the engine kept revving really bad everytime i'd put a little in... I dunno.. any help?

    I took the piping out of the curved rubber piece coming from the bottom right of the plenum. Turned that so it faced up, and poured in the seafoam. It had a real good suction to it. Car would rev up every time i would put more in, not try to die on me...

    UPDATE 2:://

    I bought 2 bottle just in case. the 2nd half of the first bottle from the procedure i used above, i put in the gas tank.

    the 2nd bottle and 2nd attempt...

    Okay guys, i'll try to explain it to you guys without pictures the best way i can...hopefully this will help for those who dont quite understand the previous posts...

    take a look at the engine. mines an 02 gt. the pcv valve on some 2001's may be on the drivers side... mine is on the passenger side.. on the drivers side there is a plastic tube running from the valve cover to the middle of your black plastic intake (the big black tube that runs from your air filter to your plenum.) this is NOT the pcv line you want to pour your seafoam in. if you pull it when the car is running it should have no suction and shouldnt kill the engine...

    on to the passenger side. on the valve cover, directly under your black plastic intake tube is the pcv valve attached to the valve cover. its black and its a hard plastic. coming from this is a black plastic tube that runs to and attaches to the bottom right of your plenum. Pull the plastic tube that attaches to the pcv valve off. the car will try to or will die. you may need to play with the trottle a bit to keep her going. so now you've got the black plastic tube off of the pcv valve, and it should be running into the bottom right of the plenum. take your seafoam and either pour it into the black plastic tube you took off of the pcv valve, like i did, or stick the tubing into the bottle, or into a cup full of seafoam. there should be A LOT of suction coming from this line and it will suck it right up, if it tries to die, stop pouring a bit to let the engine catch up. i used about 3/4 of a bottle, put the rest in the gas tank. if the car doesnt die, kill it immediately and let the seafoam sit for as long as you like maybe 10-60 minutes. i could tell i did it right this time cause the car wanted to die, plus white smoke started to pour out of my exhast... if you pour too little into the hose, it revs the **** out of the engine for some reason,you'll be afraid to pour even more in, just keep pouring a lot and the engine will want to bog.

    i havent done this part yet... so, i've read, get back out to your car, crank her up and rev up to 2800 rpm and hold for a while, white smoke should be pouring from the exhaust. then go and drive the piss out of your car until the white smoke clears out...

    ...get an oil change soon.

    hope this helped. in some of the 2001's the pcv valve is ont he drivers side and is easier to get to...
  18. UPDATE 3://

    the smoke show was marvelous...
  19. Good deal! I'm going to make sure I have my chevy friends behind me when I do this - Eat my dust! (lol)