Seat for 6'4 Guy?

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  1. I am in process of redoing a 65 Coupe. It is currently at the shop having a few things done. When it leaves the shop it will be fully functioning but It will most likely not have an interior in it for the time being but I want to put the seat in it that I plan to keep. I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for a black seat that will be comfortable and allow room for a 6'4 300lb guy. I have been running stock seats but I am really turning up the power on the car and want a good comfortable seat that will allow me leg and head room. Any ideas?
  2. Are you looking to modify the seat pan for you to have more head room or are you just looking for the best bolt in seat?
    If you want a bolt in seat, you can go with almost anything. Aftermarket companies like Corbeau (sp?) and Cobra make great seats. There are a ton of different options. You will have to look around to find one you like.
    A lot of people, myself included, have modified or removed the seat pan to make more head room. I removed mine and welded in some brackets for a set of 2003 Mach 1 seats. Great quality, power adjustment and lumbar support. It might be more work than you are looking for, but it is an option.
  3. I am 6'6". I plan on dropping the seat pans when I get to that point.
  4. I am 6'6". I plan on dropping the seat pans when I get to that point.
  5. You don't want a Fiero seat. They sit lower than anything else out there, but they're narrow in the butt.
  6. I just received my Corbeau VX2000's today, They are very comfortable, and fit my shape well 6'6" 270 Lbs. They are built for a larger driver and according to the Corbeau Tech they sit lower in the seat then their other seats just for us taller guys and Corbeau makes seat brackets just for your car so it's a bolt in affair, but they aren't exactly cheap.