seat swap

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by bigc2330, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. Does anybody know if the front and rear leather seats from a 98 fit into a 2000 GT?
    I have never looked inside of a 98.
  2. They should fit without issue, but if they don't just swap the seat brackets.
  3. the lower seat belts mounts for the 99+ are on the brackets, so if you swap the seat brackets you won't have anywhere to attach the seat belts...

    but I'm pretty sure the 98 seats will attach to the 200 brackets with no issues.
  4. Yes it is a direct swap even without switching the brackets the interior is the same ive done it.
  5. Hello, I just bought my son a 98 gt, and the seats were shot, so I bought a set of 03 gt seats (front only) and they came with no tracks.
    I was able to use the stock seat tracks with only one real issue, the driver's in the front dips on the 03 seat, and the track from the 98 is flat, so to keep from bending the track frame I had to use some kind of spacers to go between the track, and seat frame, and I had to use two longer bolts. This worked but I wasn't fond of this so I located and bought two seat tracks from an 03, they bolted up perfect. Now these created two separate issues when I went to mount in the car. The seat belts on the 98 are mounted to the drive shaft tunnel in the car, and on the 03 they are bolted directly to the seat, so I took the ones out of the car and used the ones on the seats. The only issue there is you must unplug the driver's side wires from under the center console, and fish the ones from the seat into the console and plug it up. This leaves a plug under the seat blank but you want need it anyways. The other issue was the plug for the power seat in the 98 is a two wire, while the 03 seat has a four wire plug. I was able to trace the hot wire and the ground wire using the 98 switch and a 12v test light, and spliced the two plug into the four plug using only the two wires. The seat works great, however they do sit a little higher on the 03 seat tracks.