Seat Upholstery Replacements

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  1. So, after being away from Mustangs for a while (well, I wasn't "away"...just haven't owned one for a bit), I'm considering buying a 2013 or 2014 GT. My only concern is that from the dealer and third party websites ( etc.) I'm finding a lot of cars with black seats and interiors. Living in South Florida does not provide much relief when it comes to dark interiors. I was wondering if there has been anyone who has replaced their black upholstery with another color? If so, where did you get your upholstery from?

    I'm not looking for seat covers; that's not the point. I'm looking for upholstery replacement that is meant to look factory. Thanks.

    There you go. I think they still make the Ford accessory upholstery replacements for some vehicles.
  3. Hi MidnightBlk98GT,

    I’m happy to look for one with the options you want. This way you won’t have to replace the seats. PM me with the options you’re looking for so I can help.

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  4. Thanks bdcardinal. I was thinking that someone would reply with Katzkin but I wasn't sure anyone has purchased seat upholstery from them. My question was more along the lines of to see if anyone has done it and if they had any before or after pictures.

    Thanks Deysha. I'll send you a PM.
  5. No problem, MidnightBlk98GT!

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  6. We just did a set for a customer and they turned out awesome. Katskin will send them to a authorized installer to put them in, for us that is a local trim shop that does amazing work. The customer had a 08 GT with the red leather and he changed out to black leather with red stitching and red inserts. It looked a lot better and less um red.
  7. Nice. I was just curious because I see a lot of black seats and wanted to know if anyone had made the change. Not too long ago I was at the dealer and he stated that the interior colors are chosen by computer based on previous sales. While I know that you can "build" a Mustang and have a few choices of interior seat colors, there are many more that are sitting on the lot with black and available now. My 98 started out in Triple Black form with black leather seats. It was re-sprayed to what I would call a deep black with flakes of different colors in the clear coat. Looked really awsome in the light just after a wash. On the other hand, the black leather seats were hot as hell after a 95 degree day. Not looking to revisit that in my next ride. Thanks for the input.