Second gear problem.... not a real problem!

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  1. I took the car back to the shop today... and it was such a stupid little thing causing the problem. A piece of rubber from the shift boot was getting in the way and causing it to miss the gear. So they just cut it off. On the drive home the 2nd gear downshift felt much more precise. So I think this was the only problem. :D
  2. Nice! It's sometimes the simple stuff that will mess you up!
  3. Yep now that damn car better run for ever with no problems! lol
  4. Did they adjust the shifter bump stops, or whatever they're called?
  5. I don't know, but it feels like they probably did that too. I know they cut out more of the rubber though that was in the way.

  6. Who was it who said to check and make sure the shifter wasn't hitting anything .. ?
  7. Yes Wart, you are all knowing! lol
  8. When you gonna stop flipping all us fellow stangers off? :D :rlaugh:
  9. Fixed!

  10. That's what pisses these people off.


    Keep in mind the other stuff I posted about installation and non apparent problems.

    Something made the U-Joint break. I'm assuming it was a joint in the car when you bought it so you don't know it's history. The previous owner may have had a thing for side stepping hte clutch or otherwise beating the crap out of the drivetrain.

    On the other hand, a common problem with the T5 installation, far as I have seen reported by others, is vibration. And this goes back quite a ways, years. Vibration kills alot of componants.

    The short of this is, I would have power train alignment checked. Not just vertically but laterally. And if you think it was difficult to find a shop to do a trans installation wait till you try finding a shop to do power train alignments.
  11. For safety sake you may want to install a driveshaft loop just incase you loose another u-joint.
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  13. I think the car is alright as far as that goes. We have all new drivetrain components now. New driveshaft mounted and balanced, new yolk "the one that hooks to the rearened' new U joints, he said he put a heavier duty ones in. The car had a vibration previously but since it has been fixed it rides completely smooth, like a newer car. The mechanic was pretty intent on getting things right so I think he would let me know if there was any other things to look out for.
    Forgot to add, clutch is new too
  14. This is true about his alignment idea. Mine is off 1.5 inches at the back of the trans. and until I get it aligned, Ill plan on changing the Ujoints every fall. :mad: and absolutely NO ONE here will align it for me :mad: :mad:
  15. I'm happy for you that you didn't have to go through what I went through with my T-5 !!!
  16. Well its happening again! It was doing just fine for the few days after but then the other night it popped out again like twice and then last night it did it about 3 times. I'm starting to be able to sense when its going to do it and when its not. Its like when it goes into gear I can really hear it clink in there... I checked under the shift boot last night to see if anything was in the way. But I don't know enough about these sort of things to figure it out. =( My shift boot is on there really sloppy and it could be getting in the way of the shifter. I'm going to replace it asap. If that doesnt fix things I'm going to get the shifter adjusted again or ask the mechanic what he did with the stock shifter that came on the transmission and put it on. It didn't make it home with me I know that much!
  17. take it off and go drive it for a bit
  18. I did and it popped out of gear TWICE, once after it was already in gear and I was coasting to slow down for a stop sign. This is BS I'm getting really pissed about it. We spend 2 grand on getting a new transmission installed and its doing this! I don't know what to do... send it back to the shop or what. I would like to find out if the tranny has any type of warranty on it. If it needs any repair its going to be more labor fee's... I think the manufacturer should have to pay them...
  19. Another thing, could it be the shifter assembly itself? I have a hurst short throw on it, we HAVE adjusted the stops and it didnt fix the problem. If I changed back to the original shifter that came with the tranny could that fix it? The hurst I have was givin to me and not bought new.
  20. I'd certainly try changing the shifter assembly. Generally backyard mechanics just start exchanging stuff until they fix the problem. That is certainly what I do sometimes.