Second gear problem.... not a real problem!

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  1. Eos, I agree with dmoody, definitely switch back to the shifter it came with and see what happens. And definitely get rid of that rubber bushing thing the bolts go through, they allow a lot of slop in the shifter. Dumb question here, but, have you adjusted your clutch lately ? Maybe when putting in the tranny ?
  2. I don't know if they adjusted the clutch or not, I will have to check with the mechanic. He asked me today if I thought it might be the clutch and I said I didn't know I just know its is new. What rubber bushing are you talking about?
  3. I agree with D and Vet, put the stock unit back in. He had better still have the damned thing, with none of the adjustments (?) changed.

    I'm not familiar with the T5 but am familiar with other shifters, if theres rubber bushings you may want to get rid of htem. Fact, I would guess that with a performance shifter the rubbers not suppose to be there.

    The clutch? It would be odd for a clutch to cause problems in only one gear.

    There are a few other things to check, read the Offset thread.
  4. The hurst doesnt have the rubber bushing on it, I'm beginning to think the shifter has nothing to do with it.
  5. I've had the same problem, only with an 80's RAD 4 speed.
    The transmission guy told me it's inside the trans that's the problem, went to another guy, same thing.
    Looks like you may end up having the trans taken apart again, or just live with it.
  6. Maybe a bent shift fork?
  7. My World Class T5 that I got from Ford Motorsports had a problem with 2nd gear, too. The guy that tore it down said the "dog" was messed up. Mine didn't always want to go into 2nd, it would grind when I let off the clutch. It eventually got stuck in gear.
  8. I have the B&M short throw shifter on mine and it says in their litterature that on a T-5 you don`t need the positive stops ,they recommend that you put it in gear and adjust them so they touch the shifter shaft and back off the adjustement so there`s clearance like unscrew the stop 1/8 of a turn,when you bang the gears,the forks will flex a bit and then the positive stops will make sure that you don`t bend the forks in the trany....When i installed mine ,i didn`t do it the way they said and I did put the stop right on the shifter after it`s in gear so it touches and I had that problem you are refering to ......I backed out the positive stops on the shifter and It never happened again....Hopefully it settle your problem.If you don`t bang the gears you don`t need the positive stops at all.

    I`m gonna add something very obvious...but just in case....Make sure that the teflon bushing isn`t worn down or cracked,I`m talking about the one on the shift rail where the shifter stub gets in the trany,it looks like a plastic bushing that is pressed in ,it might have felled during the installation of the trany or while unstalling the shfter....if your mecanic took off the shifter on the new trany,hopefully he made sure it was in place before putting the new shifter in....this could cause the problem you are experiencing because it will make the shifter rail travel a little less in the trany because of the tickness of the bushing if it is missing. :canada:

    Good luck!

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  10. Which are the positive shift stops?
  11. getting out of work after 8 hours... :D yep, I know that was bad....

  12. the rubber bushing i mentioned was on the shifter that came with the t-5, it goes between the shifter post and the shifter stick. sorry if I confused you.
  13. Eos, the T-5 uses a plastic wear tab on the shifter forks inside. there are 3 forks one for 5th, seperately, the other 4 gears share the other 2 forks. these forks stradle the gearing inside and wear they make contact to the gearing is where these plastic tabs are. if one of them has come off or broken,worn whatever, they would definitely cause your tranny to pop out of gear.
    the only fix for this is removing the tranny, and partially disassembling it.
    I don't know if this is what will fix your problem or if it even is the problem. Just trying to prepare you for the worst. I hope it's none of this!!