See you guys in a few weeks.


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Type O Danzigative the Dark
Founding Member
Sep 4, 2000
Me and the family are in the process of moving to Birmingham, Alabama
where my fiance' will be transferring to UAB to finish of her PhD in Chemistry.
We'll be in a weekly hotel until our apartment becomes available on August
13th. I hope no trouble arises fromt hat situation. So it'll be at least 2 weeks
that I'll have no iNt4Rw3b and however long it takes for Bellsouth to
transfer our service. Not like I get emails, like Stinger, except
the occasional membership application to the fan club, but this is why you won't be able to reach me!

Hopefully things turn out right and I'll be going down to Georgia to see Matt and Amanda at James' (I think we all your name by now) house.

Otherwise kiss my ass!
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Cro the man of mystery.

Freakingtiger well he has to do some reasearch to fill in for Cro, he tends to talk too much. The secret is to throw out the one liners on almost all threads and out of the blue add extremely usefull tech when no one expects it.