Seeking New Ignition Coil

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  1. can someone recommend a decent after market coil for my mildly modified 1985 mustang gt. thanks
  2. msd,accel, to name a few
  3. ya I ended up replacing the stock , leaking, old nasty coil with a nice new MSD Blaster 2.
  4. I would have reccomended MSD at least until recently. Since then, I have had poor results with an aftermarket coil and an aftermarket ignition module. I have joined the "keep the ignition all stock parts" on my Ford movement. A new clean coil and cover may be the most reliable way to go.
    FYI: the MSD stock upgrade coil is known to sing or whistle/ vibrate. Mine was out of warranty, and the replacement is quiet, for now. I like the look of the red coil and I hope it stays that working fine.
  5. so far so good, but it's only been driven for about a mile or so. Most of my day before work today was rewiring the coil and mounting it to the AC bracket. I think it was getting to hot mounted on the intake. So I moved it to the outer most AC bolt. Looks nice and clean hopefully it will perform that way as well.
  6. I forgot the 1985 was on the manifold. The singing ones I am aware of are mostly on the 87 up EFI and are the flat style. Did the 85 still have the round one?

    Are there any other problems besides ugliness to indicate a heat problem? It sounds like a good mod. if you are doing as good of wiring as your other hobbies suggest you can.
  7. yes it is the round one. It slid into the stock mounting bracket I just moved it. The initial problem was the car will pull real hard to about 35oo-4000 RPM'S then sputter, was also leaking oil out the front of it. My thought process was it was getting to hot considering where it was mounted. Someone talked about the stock springs maybe the culprit. I'm not convinced its the carb. just yet.

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  8. you can see I only worked the front fenders with rubbing compound and then waxed them. I paid 2000 for the car and I have maybe another 1000 in parts in it. Cars from Cali. so it never had any of that damn New England weather to deal with.
  9. Oil from the coil is bad news! It will likely overheat. But unless it or a wire is near a header tube, you sound good now.